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How Practitioners Are Persecuted in the Second Forced Labor Camp in Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province

February 10, 2007 |  


1. Illegally Detained Practitioners Casually Deprived of Basic Rights

The guards at the Second Forced Labor Camp in Jinzhou City, Liaoning Province force prisoners to monitor Falun Gong practitioners around the clock. They isolate practitioners in separate rooms, and they even monitor practitioners in the bathroom. When the practitioners use the bathroom or wash their faces, they separate the practitioners and don't allow them to see one another.

The guards also deprive practitioners' rights to communicate with their families by phone, and neither do they allow them to purchase daily necessities. The practitioners only receive breaks depending on the guards' moods. The guards also deprive the practitioners' rights to practice the Falun Gong exercises, and they cannot even rest with postures that are similar to the exercise movements. Even during practitioners' monthly meeting with their families, the prison guards monitor their conversations.

2. Prisoners Incited to Persecute Practitioners

Prison guards from the Second Forced Labor Camp offer criminal prisoners a "a sentence reduction" in order to entice them to persecute practitioners.

The instructor of the Second Group, Li Zhongtao, often had meetings with prisoners and implanted ideas of defaming Falun Gong into their minds. They also pressured the prisoners to distance themselves from the practitioners. They even forbid prisoners from eating with practitioners. Therefore, some prisoners are afraid or do not want to listen to practitioners' truth clarification about the persecution. So they continue to persecute practitioners. Those who do learn the truth do not want to go to the Second Group to persecute practitioners because they feel it is too evil and suppressive there. They would rather do the labor work.

3. Practitioners' Sentences Extended

The second group often casually prolongs the illegal sentences of the practitioners. They often do not inform the practitioners beforehand and use excuses such as "practitioners did not listen to their orders," "they practiced the exercises," "they went on hunger strikes" and so on, to extend practitioners' sentences. The extension can be for five days, ten days or even up to several months long. During the illegal extension of sentences, if a practitioner protests, the police threaten to extend the sentence even more. Falun Gong practitioner Liu Cheng of Jinzhou City had almost completed his sentence, but was informed that his sentence was extended for another ten days. Liu Cheng went to see the leader of the Second Group. The head of the group said it was because Liu Cheng had once "refused to wear a prisoner uniform" and "had done the exercises." After several of these discussions, the prison prolonged the sentence extension to one month. Practitioner Liu Wei of Huludao City was informed that his sentence was prolonged for five days on the day his sentence was to expire. He went to see the leader of the group, Bai Jinlong. Bai was very nasty and threatened, "If you protest I will extend the sentence for ten more days." Another Jinzhou practitioner, Miao Jianguo's sentence had been extended for more than one month. It is said that his imprisonment was illegally extended and he could only be released right before the Chinese New Year.

4. Practitioners Forced to Sit on Small Stools

During Practitioner Liu Wei's illegal detention, he refused to sit on a small stool and was therefore smacked on the face by Yang Ting, the deputy leader of the group, who was ordered to do so by the leader of the second group. Liu Wei was also handcuffed for four to five days. This resulted in Liu Wei's ears being swollen for more than one month, and he still has not yet recovered.

5. Practitioners Deprived of Rights to Hospital Treatment

Practitioner Hu Zhaowei from Huludao City experienced his eyesight worsening dramatically because of the persecution. Before he was transferred to Jinzhou Forced Labor Camp, his vision in both eyes were found to be 0.1 and 0.15. In August 2006, Hu Zhaowei was diagnosed with heart disease and suffered disease symptoms after he came back from washing his face one morning. The monitoring staff immediately reported to the forced labor camp authorities. The prison doctor Sun Li did not come until that afternoon. When Hu Zhaowei asked why he came so late, Sun replied, "You think you are the boss or what? I don't need to report to you when I come here to work." The authorities do not value practitioners' lives. Hu Zhaowei's family requested to bail out Hu Zhaowei to receive medical treatment outside the prison, but the request was rejected by the labor camp authorities.

Another two practitioners, Li Yong and Shao Minggang, also suffered high blood pressure and constant chest pains. The prison doctor did not tell them the results of their blood tests.

Abraham Lincoln once said, "You can fool all the people some of the time, and some of the people all the time, but you cannot fool all the people all the time." The crimes committed by Jinzhou Forced Labor Camp, including all the staff who participate in the persecution, as well as details of the persecution, will eventually be exposed. Whoever commits bad deeds will receive karmic retribution sooner or later.