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Graduate of Changchun Postal College Song Changguang Persecuted to Death in 2003

December 06, 2007 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Song Changguang was a graduate from Changchun Postal College. He majored in Communications. After graduation, he was arrested in December of 2000 on Tiananmen Square and held in the Chaoyanggou Labor Camp in Changchun. He was released on July 22 2002 in critical condition. His family took him to Jiutai Hospital for treatment, but he passed away on November 12, 2003, at the age of twenty-six.

Mr. Song Changguan was from Shuangzi Village, Biangang Town, Dehui City, Jilin Province. He attended Changchun Postal College, which later merged with Jilin University, and he majored in communications in 1997. He began to practice Falun Dafa after high school. He abided by the principles of Dafa and tried his best to be a better person. He had always been an excellent student. His major was a popular one and it was easy to look for a job. When he was job searching, the Communication Company asked him if he practiced Dafa. He replied yes each time, and no company would hire him.

In December 2000, he went to Beijing to appeal for Dafa, but he was arrested because he displayed a banner on Tiananmen Square. When he was held in the detention center, the guards put a tooth brush in between his fingers, squeezed his fingers tight, and turned the tooth brush with force. The sharp side of the tooth brush tore open the muscles and tendons of his fingers. They used this brutal torture to force him to reveal his home address. He was later transferred to Changchun's Chaoyanggou Labor Camp.

The conditions were totally disgusting and unsanitary at the Chaoyanggou Labor Camp. Numerous people were squeezed into a small room which was dark, and damp. Scabies spread throughout the entire labor camp. Many practitioners were contaminated. The scabies caused extreme itchiness and pain, festered all over their bodies and formed scars everywhere. They could not sleep because of the miserable conditions, their clothes were stuck to their bodies because of the pus and blood. The authorities of the labor camp neglected their medical conditions and did not treat them or isolate them. Instead the perpetrators used hard wooden boards and plastic to beat the practitioners, which made the pus and blood splash everywhere and mutilated the victims beyond recognition. By July and August of 2001, many practitioners were in critical condition.

Song Changguang was one of the worst cases. He had generalized infection, and scabies which covered 60% of his body. He had pus-filled blisters all over his body. After the beating by the perpetrators, the infection spread further and deeper, especially his bottom-- there was no skin intact there. Because of the long term infection with no medical care, his skin tissue mutated, his sweat pores atrophied, his upper body skin became like wrinkled paper, dry and itchy. Because of the infection and toxin which accumulated, he developed a high fever and went into a coma, and the perpetrators continued neglecting his health condition.

Song Changguang was extremely malnourished and severely anemic, his immune system was compromised. The infection invaded his lymph system, and he developed hyperplasia of his lymph system. His lymph node under his chin was the size of a duck egg. After it ulcerated and broke the skin, it oozed out greenish pus. The guards used gauze stuck into his wound as treatment. The perpetrator intensified the persecution, forced him to sit on a small stool for long periods of time, and he was forced to do slave labor. Sitting on the stool made his clothes stick to his body, his feet and legs were severely ulcerated, and it was very difficult for him to walk. His hands were festered after they healed, the scar formed mesh-like holes over his hands, he nearly lost his nails due to the ulcer, and the guards continued to force him to clean the floor with dirty clothes. In the fall, he was forced to harvest corn. He had to make the beds in the morning for everyone, and he could only sleep on his side at night due to the crowded conditions.

After one year of torture, a former strong and healthy Song Changguang was worn to a skeleton, and his lower body was covered with ulcers, seeping out bloody liquid. He developed severe anemia, he became pale, and the wounds no longer seeped out blood but tissue liquid.

On April 4th 2002, the labor camp began another round of intensified persecution. Song Changguan was taken to the fourth Battalion, where the team leader Fu Guohua, vice-leader Fang Shenglu, plus guards Wang and Zhao used electric batons to shock him on the face and neck. After he came back, his legs were so swollen he could no longer walk The extreme torture took its toll, as his body and spirit spiraled down. His legs had dozens of long wounds, 6 to 7 inches long and 0.5 inches wide. His skin and muscles turned into hard nodes. He developed heart failure shortly after the torture and was in a critical state.

On July 22, 2002, Fu Guohua saw that Song Changguang was dying and did not want him to die in labor camp, so without any procedure, he was sent home.

Song Changguang's family took him to Jiutai Hospital for treatment, but it was too late. He passed away on November 12 2003 and was cremated in Jiutai.