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Taiwanese Practitioner: My Three Trips to Hong Kong after the Illegal Repatriation Incident

December 03, 2007 |   By Falun Dafa practitioner He Jinhua from Taiwan

(Clearwisdom.net) Greetings Master, Greetings fellow practitioners,

I have felt uneasy ever since I was forcibly repatriated back to Taiwan on July 1, 2007. Some non-practitioner relatives of mine saw this and wondered why I came back home again so quickly. I told them that I was deported by the Hong Kong immigration officials. Their immediate reaction was, "That is way too dangerous. You shouldn't go again, and it kind of wastes money too." However, my thinking was, "The officials in Hong Kong don't want me to come there, but I must go, as nobody can block me on the path of truth-clarification." I took advantage of my vacation time and I was able to take a few trips to Hong Kong this year.

Under these circumstances, I went to Hong Kong three times between July and the end of October. I stayed there for 24 days, 28 days, and 26 days, respectively. The first time I went back to Hong Kong after my deportation, I was a little nervous so I sent forth righteous thoughts all the way. Consequently, I was admitted into Hong Kong without problem.

When I went to Hong Kong for the second time, I felt more relaxed. However, upon arrival, I was unexpectedly ushered into the customs office and I wondered whether I should call home to Taiwan or call fellow practitioners in Hong Kong for help. I then quickly realized that this first thought wasn't right and I sent forth righteous thoughts. A customs official wanted to check my return ticket but I refused to cooperate. However, he didn't insist on the matter, and then I saw a few custom officials discussing something. About a half an hour later, one of the customs officials let me into Hong Kong. I once again realized the importance of sending forth righteous thoughts.

Before going to Hong Kong for the third time, a fellow practitioner said to me casually, "Going through the gate in Hong Kong is quite an ordeal." I was a little astonished hearing what he said. Another time, a fellow practitioner and I were having an exchange of ideas and he said, "Every time that I was in Hong Kong, it seemed like I didn't do much except send forth righteous thoughts." As he said this he had tears all over his face, "Teacher gave me so much that I'm incapable of expressing it."

Clarifying the truth in Hong Kong is done amidst intense pressure because it is mainland China's territory and is directly influenced by the CCP. It's a very significant and meaningful thing to do. While we were in the area where the Dafa banners were set up, some tourists from mainland China stared at the banners and asked, "These banners haven't caused the police to interfere with you guys?" We replied, "No. Falun Gong is legal in Hong Kong." Sometimes, some Chinese tourists saw the police there only monitoring our vehicles. They did not do anything to our banners or the persecution pictures so as a result, the truth-clarification materials were more convincing.

It's easier and convenient for practitioners in Taiwan to do truth-clarifying work in Hong Kong, because there's no language problem or cultural barriers. However, nowadays there seem to be fewer practitioners going to Hong Kong, and I wonder why? Whatever we do will be for our own futures, so what are we waiting for? We all know that everything in human society now exists for the sake of Dafa disciples and if we don't clarify the truth, a great sifting of the sands will undoubtedly take place.

Fellow practitioners, please value the path that Teacher has arranged for us and grasp the extended time and opportunity given us to save sentient beings.