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Don't Think that the Character You Play in this Human World is Real

December 26, 2007 |   By Zi Bo, a practitioner in Shandong Province, China

(Clearwisdom.net) Some practitioners' families have "a third party"coming between them. For instance, a practitioner's husband was promoted to a managerial position. He then had an extramarital affair. Another practitioner's husband works away from home, and he too started philandering. As a result, not only did a barrier develop between the husband and wife, the conflict between them has also become even more acute. Some practitioners cried over this. and some got into huge stormy fights. How are they going to be in right mindset to clarify the truth? How are they going to calm their minds to study the Fa and practice the exercises? It has greatly interfered with Falun Dafa practitioners' doing the three things well.

It is absolutely not coincidental that things like this have happened. In particular, when Falun Dafa practitioners encounter this, it must have something to do with our cultivation and our xinxing. All the tribulations a Falun Dafa practitioner encounters at present is the result of his/her thoughts, which is also a problem created by the lack of righteous thoughts. "In Buddhism, it is said that every phenomenon in human society is illusory and unreal. "(Zhuan Falun). Not to mention the fact that everything in this human world is an illusion that is an extension created by Dafa and an extension especially for Falun Dafa practitioners' cultivation. Therefore it must be closely related to Falun Dafa practitioners' minds.

Human society is a big stage upon which everyone plays a different role. Cultivating as we do, we should conform with the state of ordinary society as well as we can. However, it does not mean that we want to become ordinary people. Of course we should try our best to treat our relatives and family members with compassion and fulfill our responsibilities as spouses. Nevertheless, in our minds we must know what we are doing.

When we see an actor play a character in a drama, we all know that it is not real. The actor also knows this, and nobody believes it is real. So why is it when we are on this big stage of the human world that we believe the character we play are real? One reason is because human society appears so real. We are confused. Another is because we have lost our true nature and selves after going through numerous reincarnations, thus we believe the false image in the human world to be real. "It has been said: 'When I come to this ordinary human society, it's just like checking into a hotel for a few days. Then I leave in a hurry.' Some people are just obsessed with this place and have forgotten their own homes." (Zhuan Falun) " Out of an attachment to seek comfort, some practitioners cling dearly to their families and children. As Falun Dafa practitioners we should not be muddle-headed. We should not forget our missions and our true homes.

Teacher said, "Whenever there is interference of one kind or another in qigong practice, you should look for reasons within yourself and determine what you still have not let go. "(Zhuan Falun) For practitioners who have encountered something of this nature, I hope you can make an effort to really dig out the roots.