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Enlightenment on Ticket Sales

December 22, 2007 |   By practitioners in Toronto


1. Ticket Sales are a Big Test

This year's Divine Performing Arts show involves 65 cities around the world. The ticket sales are an exam for Falun Dafa disciples globally. The exam question sheet is in each disciple's hand, no matter if they live in one of the 65 cities or not. The test questions are: How do we harmonize with what Master wants? Do you have the kindness to be one of the future's most glorious enlightened beings? How do you see the relationship between sentient beings and yourself? When sentient beings are facing a crisis, do you have the benevolence and the ability to save them? Do you let go of yourself to harmonize as one entity and cooperate wholeheartedly? Do you understand the relationship between personal strength and the power given by Master to Falun Dafa practitioners when they act as particles of a whole? How do you let go of all human attachments? Are you in a divine state?

No matter which corner of the Earth one is from, the question sheet is the same. How well we score is judged by our ticket sales everywhere. It does not matter how many disciples are in each city or region or how many tickets are for sale. The best way we can support each other is by having a clear understanding of the Fa and a pure cultivating mind. Enlightening on the Fa-principles and the maturity of cultivation in every city or region will help other cities and regions upgrade as well. This kind of help is based on our divine thoughts and divine power. Trying to help with human notions and sentiments will not help, but rather may result in us failing the test.

2. Ticket Sales are for Cultivation, not for Curing Illnesses

Let us compare disciples in a city that will hold a Divine Performing Arts show as if they are one person. When tickets cannot be sold, it is like this person is very sick. If he tries to cure it with other means, he will not be cured. Only if this person diligently cultivates himself as Master has taught us will the sickness be quickly cured. Because he cultivated, matured, and shouldered responsibility for the future cosmos, his "illness" will be cured.

Last year, Master showed us a miracle. Twenty thousand tickets were sold out in the last week. Master told us countless times about divine intervention, and that Master is capable of anything. However, this year we have been "sick." We are reluctant to cultivate ourselves, and instead we are waiting for Master to cure our "illness." How can an enlightened being cure an ordinary person's "illness" casually? If we remain at an ordinary person's level, are we worthy of saving sentient beings? Do we deserve to enter the new cosmos?

Disciples in some cities spent several thousand dollars on advertising, and in some cities they passed out millions of flyers. But that is just like using all sorts of treatments, be it traditional Chinese medicine or western medicine. Those flyers were covered with a dirty wrap, and it blinded people from seeing the contents. I wonder what the dirty stuff would look like if it was seen by fellow disciples with their third eye open?

Many fellow disciples are waiting for others to coordinate things, for otherwise they would not take the initiative to do anything. If the coordinator used methods that did not conform with one's own opinion, then they complained and criticized, as if the test was only given to coordinators. Some fellow disciples followed the coordinator's directions but not wholeheartedly. On the surface, he joins the effort, but he's just going through the motions, coming late and leaving early. Imagine the test disciples in China had to pass after July 20, 1999. Could anyone have passed if they did not do it wholeheartedly? Some other fellow disciples think that whatever they are doing is also promoting the Divine Performing Arts, so they refuse to join group activities even if they have some time to spare. They think their ways are more effective or on a higher level, and this attachment covered their products and methods with dirt. They themselves are also "sick."

In order to recruit more disciples to participate, many coordinators dare not touch upon sensitive problems exposed in our cultivation. They have only been encouraging, and encouraging more, with lots of positive comments and rarely a negative one. They even try to find excuses to cover exposed gaps, such as "Their project makes them too busy, and there is too much stress," "They are working hard already," and "Let's not criticize them since they participated," etc. It may appear that each disciple has participated already, but sadly we can not fool divine beings about our true xinxing levels.

3. Methods are Derived from Cultivation States

There must certainly be better ways to promote tickets on a large scale, but whether we can reach such a goal is based on each of us cultivating to that level. We have many disciples contacting big businesses and high society venues to establish ticket sales booths, or contacting the media. The question is exactly how many of us are doing these thing wholeheartedly and very carefully? Are we taking it as a test of sentient beings' life or death? There is a saying in China, "You cling to Buddha's feet when you are in a crisis, but you are too lazy to burn incense every day." Passing out flyers on the street is our last resort when we failed to do well from the start, isn't it?

In fact, even though we are running out of time, we still know the best way, the simplest way to promote ticket sales, and that is for all disciples to participate, not blame or criticize, and each look inside, each mending the holes quietly and cooperating to pass out flyers while introducing our show. We can even have a breakthrough in how we pass out flyers if all of us are cultivating diligently, and only then can Master clean the dirt away from the flyers. Then the flyers will awaken whichever sentient being is reading it, and they will buy tickets.

Master has been quietly watching after New York tickets sale reached an urgent situation. We must enlighten to it. In order to establish us, the divine beings, Master has waited year after year, and endured mountains of hardship. If Master endures this for us again, maybe we will have lost the chance to reach consummation as Fa-rectification Dafa disciples. This consummation is not simply consummation, but consummation of Fa-rectification Dafa disciples!

Master has taught us many Fa-principles about sickness karma. No matter how severely one is ill, as long as his genuine righteous thoughts emerge and he takes righteous actions, his illness will no longer exist. Hence, no matter how serious our "illness" looks, it is not that scary. Master has taught us all the answers to this final exam in the scriptures. Let us all study the Fa diligently, form our genuine righteous field, and cooperate selflessly, and we can definitely break through!

December 20, 2007