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Mr. Zhang Youjin Died While in Prison

December 12, 2007 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Mr. Zhang Youjin, 67, lived in Nankouqian Town, Qingyuan County, Fushun City, Liaoning Province. He began cultivating Falun Dafa in 1997, and he went to local county and province governments many times to appeal when the persecution started. He was arrested on April 10, 2002 when participating in a Falun Dafa experience sharing conference and sentenced to a forced labor term to served in the Wujiapu Labor Camp in Fushun City. He was released on May 22, 2004.

On December 16, 2004, Mr. Zhang Youjin went to Xifeng County to pass out truth clarifying materials with fellow practitioners. He was arrested again, sentenced to three and half years in prison, and detained in the Dongling Prison in Shenyang City. He clarified the truth to guards many times even while being tortured. He firmly resisted the evil persecution and absolutely refused to write the Three Statements.

In early October 2007, guard Liu Hongbao (male) notified Mr. Zhang Youjin's family that he was sick. When his family went to visit him, he was transferred to the Shenyang City Prison Block. His family went to the prison to request to visit him, but they were refused. His family went back to Dongling Prison, and Liu Hongbao said it was too late today to do anything. After a few days, Mr. Zhang's family came back to Dongling Prison, and they were told he had been admitted to the Tieling Prison Hospital for Contagious Diseases.

Mr. Zhang's family was shocked to see him. He used to be very strong when he was first detained in the prison, his hair was very black and shiny, and there were not any wrinkles on his face. His cell-mates thought his visiting son was his brother. However, when his family saw him, he had to breathe oxygen through a tube in his nose, he was as thin as a skeleton, his hair is all white, he could not stand still, his hands were shaky, and he could not talk coherently. Guards said he was sick with tuberculosis, and they needed to pay 3000 yuan for treatment. His family requested to have him released for medical treatment, but the Hospital Administration said the upper level would not permit that, even if he died, unless he wrote the guarantee statement (to stop cultivation).

Mr. Zhang Youjin died on October 22, 2007 in the Tieling Prison Hospital for Contagious Diseases.

Dongling Prison in Shenyang City address: 88-Dongling Street, Dongling District, Shenyang City, 110161.
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