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Falun Gong Practitioners Suffer from Torture in Judong Female Forced Labor Camp in Jiangsu Province

November 07, 2007 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) There are many Falun Dafa practitioners who are being illegally detained and who are suffering form torture at Judong Female Forced Labor Camp in Jiangsu Province.

The methods the guards use are barbaric, including sleep deprivation, prolonged kneeling, and forced writing while standing on an upside down bench. Falun Gong practitioners are also forced to read books that slander Falun Gong. If they do not follow orders to write or speak slander against Falun Gong, they will be subjected to brutal tortures. If Falun Gong practitioners are found studying the Fa or reciting Fa lectures, then guards will persecute them behind closed doors with brainwashing or corporal abuse. The guards also use drug addicts to monitor Falun Gong practitioners. They reward the drug addicts with money and brownie marks. Here, I will disclose the persecution I personally witnessed in this labor camp.

Ms. Wang Huilan of Nanjing City is forty-five years old. She was illegally sentenced to forced labor in April 2007. Prisoners Jia Yuhong and Wang Xin beat up Falun Gong practitioner Wang Huilan so severely that Wang's chest and abdomen were seriously injured and she had blood in her stool. On the afternoon of April 23, Director Chen of the health center forcibly fed her with unknown medicine. Wang Huilan lost consciousness at 7 p.m. The persons who participated in persecuting Wang Huilan were: guards Hong Ying, Zhou Ying, Sun Ping, assistant director Miao Qi of the Judong Forced Labor Camp and political commissioner Niu Zhongping.

Ms. Li Li from Nanjing City is forty-seven years old. Since she persisted in studying the Fa and practicing to protest the persecution, a guard called on a prison monitor to deprive her of sleep by taping open her upper eyelids and forbidding her to use the bathroom. The monitor was allowed to persecute Falun Gong practitioners using any means.

Ms. Li Xiufang was tortured so seriously that she could not walk normally. She was also forced to copy a hundred sentences that slandered Master and the Fa.

Ms. He Jing is fifty-one years old and an obstetrician from a hospital in Changzhou City. She was illegally sentenced to forced labor and is currently still detained. All her personal belongings were taken away by guards, and they said if she did not behave well then she could not use them. She was often tortured because she protested the persecution.

Ms. Hu Zhenru from Dachang at Nanjing City is sixty-one years old. Instigated by Hong Ying and Zhou Ying, many drug addicts and other persons beat up Ms. Hu. Hu was left with serious brain damage. She could not sleep, her eyesight deteriorated dramatically, and one of her ears was torn off.

Ms. Zhao Rongcai of Pizhou City in Xuzhou is forty years old. Since she persisted in practicing Falun Gong, she was forcibly taken to a local brainwashing class by the local 610 Office even though there was no evidence. At brainwashing class, Zhao Rongcai protested the persecution by going on a hunger strike, and she also protested the playing of evil video tapes. She was sentenced to one and a half years in a forced labor camp by the 610 Office without legal documentation. Incited by Hong Ying and Zhou Ying, drug addicts tortured Zhao Rongcai physically and mentally. Ms. Zhao was deprived of sleep, forbidden to use the restroom or to wash, and she had to apply for permission before doing anything.

Ms. Wang Jianping of Yancheng City is fifty-two years old. Because she practiced Falun Gong, she was sent to Judong Forced Labor Camp to be persecuted in 2000. Later she went on a hunger strike to protest the persecution, and she was on the verge of death (her weight was only twenty five kilograms). After her family members were informed they were able to take her home. She kept practicing Falun Gong quickly recovered. She was sentenced to a forced labor camp three times and actually sent to a forced labor camp five times. Because she went on a hunger strike to protest and her life was in danger, she was taken home. On June 30, 2007, she was again sent to a forced labor camp by the local 610 Office. The deputy instructor of team number three was also involved. Local 610 Office officials broke into private property by jumping over a wall and illegally arrested Ms. Wang Jianping. She was taken from Yancheng City to Judong Forced Labor Camp that evening. She went on a hunger strike to protest the persecution. The instructors of team number three, Hong Ying and Zhou Ying, incited drug addicts to force feed Ms. Wang. During a force feeding, one of Wang Jianping's teeth was pried off. No fluid food was used, and instead hot meal was fed through the tube. She became very weak and she could not walk without help from others. Soon, she could not take care of herself. She was not allowed to call her family members. Her husband came to visit her from Yancheng in September, but the forced labor camp forbade him from seeing her. He wrote a message and asked a guard to bring it to her. However, the guards refused to pass the message. Wang Jianping is still suffering from torture.

Ms. Ji Jianxia of Nanjing City is around fifty years old. She is being illegally detained at Judong Forced Labor Camp and is suffering from inhuman persecution. Instigated by Hong Ying and Zhou Ying, drug addict Wang Xin and others tortured Ms. Ji physically and mentally. She was deprived of sleep and her mouth was stuffed with mops soaked with urine. Her head was hit with a small bench and her private parts were attacked. She was punished physically by being forced to stand or squat for long periods of time. She suffered a nervous breakdown and had bruises all over her body. She was tortured in solitary confinement for over four months, and she was forced to do slave labor until late in the evening. She was also forced to write the prison regulations several times and produce so-called "thought reports."

October 21, 2007