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The Closer to the End, the Stricter We Should Be with Ourselves About Money Matters

November 07, 2007 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in China

(Clearwisdom.net) Recently, some things happened around me that made me feel that the progress of Fa-rectification is very fast and that the requirements for practitioners are stricter. If we are not as diligent as before, there will be losses in saving sentient beings and trouble for our own cultivation as well. Therefore, I feel that there is a need to bring these things forward as a warning to fellow practitioners.

Some time ago, I "clarified the truth" to a couple who were very favorable and supportive toward Falun Gong. The wife had already withdrawn from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and the husband had never joined any CCP organizations. I was very pleased. I gave them a truth-clarifying booklet when we parted. The wife told me that her husband wanted to read Dafa books, so I left him my phone number. Later, the husband called me and said that he despised the CCP and had copied and distributed copies of the booklet I gave them. He also said he had a son now, implying that he didn't mind dying. I said, "That's not right. Life is precious. Only the evil CCP treats life as worthless. Falun Gong does not fight with the CCP--we just want to save people from the CCP. If anyone tries to use Falun Gong to fight with the CCP, it would be sin against Dafa." He seemed to understand. I gave him a copy of Zhuan Falun and encouraged him to read it quickly.

Afterward, I was worried that as he is new to Dafa, he might not be very rational. I made a special visit to him and brought him more Dafa books and CDs because he said he had a few more friends who wanted to learn Falun Gong. I urged him to be careful and not to call me too often, but he did not listen. If I didn't answer his call, he just kept on calling. I used a public phone to call him and told him that we could discuss anything face to face. When I saw him, he said he wanted to borrow some money because of some problem at home. It just happened that I had some personal savings from a bonus I received from work. The money was normally used for truth clarification. I lent the money to him, and he wrote a receipt and promised to return the money by a certain date.

Since then, he has not called me. When I think back, just two days before he borrowed the money, a fellow practitioner advised me not take the bonus money. I knew it was wrong to take the bonus, but I made an excuse and told her that I would discuss with other practitioners before I decided whether to take the bonus. In fact, it was because I could not let go of my attachment to money. [Note: It is not explained why the author thought taking the bonus money was wrong.]

I had a dream the day before he borrowed the money. I was picking up coins from the ground. I also dreamed that a water pipe was leaking badly. But I didn't enlighten to what my loopholes were because I felt that I was always very strict in this matter. Thinking back, the evil knew very well where my loopholes were and wanted to destroy that person. Nevertheless, we cannot acknowledge this. Teacher is even willing to save spies, so I must treat this person with compassion as well. Since I gave him so many books, I must send forth righteous thoughts to save him. I believe Dafa can rectify him.

I want to remind fellow practitioners that during truth clarification, if someone indicates that he or she hates the CCP with such strong emotions, we need to be careful not to be taken advantage of.

Practitioner A is a department manager. All other departments except hers have a lot of extra income, and the people in her department were unhappy about it. She was swayed by it, too. So she kept the only remaining funds for her department instead of reporting it, and purchased 30 yuan worth of gifts for everyone in the department, including herself. One hour later, her child called from another city and cried to her that she accidentally dropped her cell phone in the toilet. At that moment, Practitioner A realized that she had done the wrong thing and that the evil took advantage of her loophole.

One day, practitioner B received 30 yuan more than she should have on a sales commission. A few days later, she lost 400 yuan to a thief while shopping.

The above incidents show that, as practitioners, we must be strict with ourselves and let go of the attachment to money and material things. We need to be diligent in other aspects as well. We need to study the Fa more and eliminate attachments instead of going with the flow in today's society. We must use the Fa as the standard to correct ourselves; only then can we do well in the three things.