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Due to the Persecution, Practitioners from Mudanjiang Teachers College Have Died and Lost Their Homes

November 05, 2007 |  


In these last couple of years, many practitioners from Mudanjiang Teachers College in Heilongjiang Province have been illegally sentenced and persecuted. Wang Jiguo was persecuted to death, including Professor Jin Youfeng from the physical education department, Professors Yang Chunmei and spouse from the foreign language department, Professor Liu Zhixuan from the computer science department, Shen Chunhua and spouse from the library, Zhu Xiucheng, Wang Shue and spouse from the Marx Research Center, college employee Mr. Wang Jiguo (now dead), and Chen Fei and spouse. For maintaining their beliefs, their families now lie in ruins.

With an unclear mind due to being tortured in Mudanjiang Forced Labor Camp, Mr. Liu Zhiyuan was once again illegally sentenced and sent to Mudanjiang Prison. His wife, Shen Chunhua, was sentenced and sent Harbin Women's Prison. At that time, their two children were four years old and a couple of months old. They are now living a difficult life in their mother's rural hometown.

Mr. Jin Youfeng was sentenced and sent to Mudanjiang Prison. As a result of mistreatment in prison, he developed a very serious lung disease that threatened his life. The prison sought medical care for him outside the prison. Neither Huanghua Police Station in Mudanjiang nor Mudanjiang Teachers College would help him at this time. Lacking any sense of humanity, Jin Youfeng was sent back to prison. His wife, Jiang Chunmei, was sentenced at Harbin Women's Prison. Their two children are being raised by their grandmother who makes a living collecting garbage. The old lady and the young kids stick together and help each other in times of difficulty.

While in Mudanjiang Prison, Mr. Wang Jiguo was badly persecuted and contracted a very serious disease. He died uncleared of a false charge. His wife, Chen Fei, was in a labor camp at the time. She is now working very hard to make a living to take care of their young child.

After being in a forced labor camp twice, not long after he was released in December 2006, Zhu Xiucheng was again seized by Mudanjiang National Security and detained in Mudanjiang Police Department for four days, where a national security officer kicked his face and cruelly tortured him, trying to force him to make a statement. The corner of his mouth was seriously injured, he could not speak, and his front teeth were knocked loose and almost fell out. Later he was forced-fed during his hunger strike for resisting the persecution in the No. 2 Detention Center. After he was detained for seven months in the detention center, he was sentenced to five years and is now in Mudanjiang Prison. His wife, Wang Shue, has been unlawfully sentenced to Harbin Women's Prison for several years.

Mudanjiang Teachers College (area code: 0453):
President of the college Xiu Fengyue (Office): 6511188, 6511377
Vice president of the college: 6512378, 6511003, 6511121, 6511367
College administration office: 6511376
The head of the security department, Mengxianling: 6511255
Deputy head of the security department: 6511066
The president of the Communist Party's office: 6511001

October 11, 2007