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Mr. Sun Depo Weak, Emaciated, and Disoriented from Torture in Wangcun Forced Labor Camp

November 29, 2007 |  
(Clearwisdom.net) Mr. Sun Depo, a practitioner and resident in Tuwan Village, Heiwang Town, Zichuan District, Zibo City, Shandong Province, is being held in Wangcun Forced Labor Camp. He has been force-fed, beaten, hung by handcuffs, and tortured with other means. Now he is very weak and thin. He often has no feeling in his limbs, his eyes hurt, his reactions are slow, and he appears to be in a daze.

Brutal force-feeding

On December 26, 2006, a Dr. Xu from the medical office pried Mr. Sun's mouth open as wide as possible with a special tool and caused him great pain.

At the end of December, a Dr. Zhao inserted a feeding tube into Mr. Sun's nose, then repeatedly pushed and pulled it in and out roughly, causing him to bleed profusely.

In late January 2007, police officers Liu Zonghao and Bi Hongtao from the Seventh League took Mr. Sun to the medical office in the forced labor camp, handcuffed his arms behind the chair and inserted a tube into his nose. The two stomped on the handcuffs with their feet for a long time, causing the already weakened Mr. Sun to pass out from the pain.

From February 12 through 16, 2007, Li Gongmin force-fed Mr. Sun once each day. They handcuffed him to a chair, stomping on the handcuffs or his legs, which caused the handcuffs to bite into his flesh. His arms and hands were numb and very painful.

The worst time was between May 3 and 4, 2007. Police officer Mr. Xu from the medical office used a pair of scissors to pry open Mr. Sun's mouth and used the mouth-opener to keep his mouth open in order to force feed him. When he inserted the tube, he did it so violently that Mr. Sun was in great pain and threw up blood. The pain persisted for two months.


At the end of June, Luo Guangrong slapped Mr. Sun with his hand and the sole of his shoe. He also used his fingers to dig into his rib cage.

Between July 20 and 22, Luo Guangrong, Li Gongmin, Zhang Reimin, and Liu Zonghao tortured Mr. Sun by kicking, slapping, handcuffing him to a bed, and taping his mouth shut.

On August 3, Liu Zonghao kicked Mr. Sun, and Lu Guangrong slapped and choked him.

On August 9, Li Gongmin and Liu Zonghao slapped Mr. Sun with the sole of a shoe, causing the left side of his face to swell. Mr. Sun's face bled underneath the skin and his eye sockets were bruised.

Now Mr. Sun is extremely weak and thin. Even going to the restroom is a difficult endeavor for him. His limbs feel numb all the time. His eyes are painful. He reacts slowly and looks dazed.

Mr. Sun's father and sister both persecuted to death

Mr. Sun's father, Sun Shubo, began cultivation in Falun Gong in 1997. His home was ransacked once after 1999 because he went to Beijing to appeal. Later he was constantly threatened by the police. This, plus the fact that his son was held in the forced labor camp, caused him great trauma both physically and psychologically. He passed away in April 2007 at the age of 68.

Mr. Sun's sister, Sun Guifeng, began her cultivation in 1997. She was always a very healthy person. In October 2004, her home was ransacked because she told people the facts about Falun Gong. They took away her computer and other valuables and extorted a few thousand yuan from her. In November she was arrested and put in Yanzhou Jail for a month. During this time she was beaten and her leg was injured as a result, making it difficult for her to walk. She also lost a lot of hair from being dragged. In December, she was put in the No. 2 Women's Camp of Wangcun Forced Labor Camp. She was in constant pain and lost her appetite. Because of her weakness, the forced labor camp was afraid that she might die, so they released her after a month. Ms. Sun died in May 2005 when she was only 44.