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"Our Truth Clarification Materials Production Site Is Rock Solid"

November 25, 2007 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner from Sichuan Province


Greetings, Master! Greetings, Fellow Practitioners!

Master mentioned long ago that truth clarification materials production sites in China should be like flowers blossoming everywhere. As a disciple of Master, I knew long ago that I should make these materials. But due to fear and selfishness, I did not do it for a long time. There are few young practitioners in our city, and in the past few years, our truth-clarification materials were sent to us by practitioners from remote places. If the practitioner who sent us the materials was arrested, we could not get any materials for awhile. As a result, we were disconnected for our source and materials and reconnected I do not remember how many times.

At last, in July 2006, I had the idea to learn to use the computer. Master arranged an opportunity for me, and a practitioner from another area came to teach me. I started to learn to use the computer at the beginning of August. Since I knew nothing about computers and could not even use the mouse, it was difficult for him to teach me. The practitioner who had been sending me the truth-clarification flyers heard that I was learning how to use a computer and stopped sending me materials. That weekend, however, when I was trying to download the materials, because I was not familiar with the technique, I could not log on to the web page. Fellow practitioners were waiting to read the "Minghui Weekly" and sentient beings were waiting to read the truth, but I did not do well. I felt very sad and had to ask for help from Master.

At lunchtime, I suddenly heard beautiful, celestial music. I was very surprised, and stood up to search for the source of the music. When I got to the door of the room, the computer screen was full of lotus flowers and the music was playing automatically through the computer. I was excited and asked fellow practitioners to come and see. Master used the lotus flowers to encourage us. I knew I must download the materials that day!

I adjusted my mindset and downloaded all the materials from the Minghui/Clearwisdom website for the first time without any difficulty. At that critical moment, I remembered that our benevolent Master always protects his disciples and helps them overcome any difficulties. It is just as Master says, "When disciples have ample righteous thoughts Master has the power to turn back the tide." ("The Master-Disciple Bond", "HongYin" II, Translation Version A). After breaking through all difficulties, another flower blossomed.

When the flower blossomed, the requirements of the Fa became higher. It has been five years since I began working with fellow practitioner A at his home. It has been a little more than a year since we both learned to use a computer and printer. Last year, practitioner B began working at our materials production site. We three pay great attention to "cultivating speech." We do not have the mentalities of showing-off or jealousy, and we consider others first when doing things. So we always cooperated well. We three learned all about logging onto a web page, downloading materials, and printing. No matter whether we each have other things to do, they will not interfere with our normal operations.

Let me talk about fellow practitioner A. Our materials production site is in his home. He and his wife are both in their 70s. They began practicing Dafa before the persecution began, and their firm cultivation created a solid foundation for their validating the Fa later on.

After July 20, 1999, when the persecution began, practitioners from remote places sent a lot of truth-clarifying materials to his home. At first, other practitioners did not dare accept them, including former assistants and the head of the local Falun Gong assistance center. In order to help sentient beings know the truth, these two quiet seniors carried two large bags of truth-clarifying materials every morning and distributed them to each home until all the materials were given out. Gradually, other practitioners learned the effect of clarifying the truth, and they began to accept truth-clarifying materials, too. Practitioners in remote places in charge of sending materials were persecuted and changed many times, so practitioner A took the initiative to go to the city to pick up the materials on his own.

No matter what the weather conditions--snowy, rainy, cold and windy, or hot--he steadfastly walked the path of validating Dafa. Every time, he would bring back two large bags or boxes of materials. After two years, with the help of practitioners from other regions, we bought the printer and only needed the original file to copy ourselves. But we still needed practitioners to send us the original materials, so he had to commute frequently. Now our materials site can operate independently. We can make all kinds of truth-clarifying materials.

Practitioner A has contributed the most to the materials site, buying the consumable materials, maintaining the machines, and sending the materials. Seeing practitioner A's solid belief in Master and Dafa, his selfless and pure heart, I esteemed him highly.

Practitioner B joined our materials production site last year. He also organized a Fa-study group, communicating with fellow practitioners. Whenever we lacked money to buy consumable materials, he would bring out 1,000 yuan, 2,000 yuan or 3,000 yuan of his own money. We never asked for money from fellow practitioners. If they sent some money on their own initiative, we would accept it. Without money from others, we would use our own money, and we never wasted a penny.

The three practitioners that operate our materials production site are all introverted and are not good at expressing themselves. We do not have any local coordinator, but only do the things we should do to save sentient beings according to Master's requirements. Our materials site is rock solid, and nobody can shake it! We will make more and better truth-clarifying materials to save sentient beings. We will reach consummation and follow Master home.

Please correct me if I have said anything wrong. Thank you.