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Further Details About Mr. Xu Jishan's Death as the Result of Torture at Daqing City Prison

November 24, 2007 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) As of July 2007, at least four Falun Gong practitioners have been tortured to death at Daqing City Prison. They are Wang Hongde, Yuan Qingjiang, Xu Jishan and Zhou Shuhai.

At the time, practitioners Wang Hongde and Yuan Qingjiang were severely ill. Wang Hongde developed severe heart failure. Yuan Qingjiang developed severe brain tuberculosis, liver tuberculosis, tuberculosis of peritoneum and testicular tuberculosis. The guards and the prison hospital officials put the responsibility for the decision-making on each other and delayed the practitioners' treatment. As a result, Yuan Qingjiang suffered organ failure and lost consciousness. He died the day they transferred him out of Daqing City Prison Hospital. As for Wang Hongde, he was close to death when he was released. He died three months later.

At around 8:00 a.m. on June 7, 2005, guards Li Fengjiang and Zhang Dezhi from the 7th Division at the Daqing City Prison urged inmates to forcibly "reform" practitioner Xu Jishan. Zhang Dezhi took charge and directed the inmates to torture Xu Jishan. They stripped off his clothes and tied him to bed boards (the two boards were crisscrossed), and threw him into the urinal in the bathroom. They poured cold water on him from faucets and basins for four hours, which resulted in Mr. Xu's choking death.

When the inmates realized Mr. Xu Jishan had died from their abuse, they hurriedly reported this to guard Zhang Dezhi. They put clothes on Xu Jishan's body and hastily carried him to the Daqing City Prison Hospital. The 7th Division head Li Fengjiang convened a meeting and told the inmates that Xu Jishan had died of a heart attack. In addition, they threatened the inmates not to speak at will.

The following is the account record of the attempted emergency rescue of Xu Jishan in the Daqing City Prison Hospital. The insiders sent this information overseas.

Xu Jishan, male, 41; 12:40 a.m. on a certain day & month, 2005

The situation of entering the hospital: Numerous inmates hastily carried him to the ward of the Daqing City Prison Hospital. His face was dark, and his lips were purple. He had no breath or pulse. His body was already cold. When we called his name, he had no response. His hair and skin were wet and his body was covered in scabies.

Examination results: Loss of consciousness; Enlarged pupils with a diameter of about 8 mm; No response to light. His face was dark and lips were purple. No detectable pulse on the neck artery; no heartbeat; no autonomous respiration. Blood pressure was 0/0 mmHg.

The process of rescue: We urgently applied the compression on his heart from his outer body. During this process of heart compression, water spurted two feet high from his nostrils and mouth. We asked the inmates to hold his head backwards and lean to the left, and then continued to apply the compression. Water still spurted from his mouth and nostrils along with the compression. We asked the assistant to connect the suction pump and oxygen cylinder. After two or three minutes, the doctor on duty, Mei Hongfei, still could not detect any autonomous respiration, and the blood pressure was 0/0 mmHg. We announced that the rescue was ineffective and Xu was pronounced clinically dead. The emergency rescue procedures took three or four minutes. (Police doctor Wang Haicheng was present and said that he had seen a show, and then hurried off.)

Diagnosis: respiratory cycle failure; death probably caused by choking on water.

Response: 1. Inform the prison hospital head; 2. Deal with issues arising from this incident

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November 15, 2007