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More Than 50 Practitioners Still Detained in Sihui Prison, Guangdong Province

November 23, 2007 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) I was arrested by police from Dongguan City for distributing truth-clarifying materials, and was illegally sentenced to four years in prison. I was detained in Sihui Prison and subjected to brainwashing and forced hard labor, which resulted in great trauma to my physical and spiritual health.

There are 50 to 60 practitioners currently in Sihui Prison. The guards in the prison have instructed inmates to watch practitioners around the clock. Practitioners are deprived of sleep for long periods of time and only allowed to sleep two hours per day. They are forced to sit on small stools for extensive periods of time.

Mr. Zhou Lei, who who has a four-year college degree, is from Guangxi Province. Four inmates monitored him closely and completely restricted his freedom. He has been kept in a prison cell without any windows for eight years. He has completely lost his normal senses due to the mistreatment.

Mr. He Jingru from Guangdong Province was mistreated for a long time. He went on a hunger strike and was force fed through a tube. He is in very poor health.

Mr. Zhuang Wenshu from Jiangsu Province was handcuffed and shackled for two years. He is now very frail.

A college student whose name is unknown from Guangzhou City, became mentally disordered from the abuse in the prison.

I was also under constant surveillance, so I know very little of what actually went on in the prison. I can only expose the little bit that I observed. I appeal to all righteous people in the international community to take note of the ongoing persecution in China and help expose what terrible things the Chinese Communist Party authorizes its personnel to do to those who wish only to cultivate "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance" and be kind.

The People's Hospital of Shui City and the prison clinics are in front of the prison itself. Before entering the complex, you must register your license plate number, driver's name, and the time of entry. If you go straight for a few hundred meters, you will see the sign "Sihui Prison of Guangdong Province." Inside the prison there are monitors everywhere. On the right is the Prison Administration Office, which houses a few managing divisions specifically for handling Falun Dafa practitioners. After passing the administration office there is the Jiguangtang Factory, where inmates work, and the Jiguangtang Cafe. Past the cafe the prison is heavily guarded.

Sihui Prison is the number one prison in Guangdong Province. It is situated in Jiguangtang Town, a suburb of Sihui City, zip code 526237. The phone numbers for Sihui Prison are 86-758-3301004 and 86-758-3301012. It is likely that all the phone numbers ending with 004 to 012 are phone numbers for Sihui Prison. Their email address is: shjyst@163.com.

Shang Dongping (male), head of the prison
Luo Zubiao (male), deputy head of the prison
Ling Liezhou (male), deputy head of the prison 610 Office
Zhu Xipeng (male), head of the 610 Office
Gan (first name unknown), staff member of the 610 Office
Zhang Chunping (male), organizer of the prison brainwashing center
Liu (first name unknown), head of the brainwashing center
Qin Gang (male), Liu Tian (male), and Lan (first name unknown), instructors in the brainwashing center
Xu Jiamu, staff member in the education division of the brainwashing center

November 10, 2007