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Criminal Actions of Commander Wang Kai in the Changlinzi Labor Camp's Fifth Battalion

November 17, 2007 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Wang Kai, an official of the fifth battalion in Changlinzi Forced Labor Camp, Harbin City, Heilongjiang Province, has actively followed the CCP policy of persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners since he was promoted from instructor to the post of commander. Recently, practitioners went on a hunger strike to protest his relentless acts of persecution. Wang hasn't shown any remorse. Accusing them of "instigating trouble," he locked practitioners Han Wei and Gong Wenyi in solitary confinement and had them tied to an iron chair.

First, Wang Kai coerced and induced criminal inmates to not allow practitioners to speak to each other. If the inmate on duty was lax and didn't do his job well, he was punished. The punishment ranged from verbal abuse to corporal punishment such as being beaten or kicked. Sun Xin, one of the criminals, was shocked with an electric baton by the police for being vigilant.

In order to protest the persecution, Yu Huai, a practitioner, went on a hunger strike. Wang ordered criminals to force-feed him with a tube. Mr. Yu was slapped twice for not cooperating. Even when Mr. Yu became extremely weak and was in critical condition, he wasn't released. He died in April 2007 as a result of this persecution.

In February of 2007, Wang and another policeman shocked practitioner Xue Ruihui with an electric baton. He ordered criminals to hold Mr. Xue down and threatened him, "I will splash cold water on you and shock you again, and then I will hang you up." In March of 2007, Wang locked Mr. Xue in a solitary confinement cell on his hands and feet and tied him to an iron chair. Wang pressed his neck down with an electric baton and threatened to shock him. In April 2007, Wang instigated Zhang Baoshu, a corrections officer, to shock Mr. Xue with an electric baton.

In June 2007, Cheng Lianju, a practitioner, was beaten by Wang. Wang ordered criminal inmates to hold him tightly and shocked him with an electric baton. Fearing that Mr. Cheng would shout, Wang used wide plastic tape to seal his mouth.

Wang sent practitioner Liu Jingzhou to a solitary confinement cell. He shocked and beat him with an electric baton.

In August 2007, Wang took Han Wei, a practitioner, to his office and threatened to shock him with an electric baton because he refused to squat.

Changlinzi Labor Camp:
Address: Harbin City, Taiping District, Xiangyang Township, 150039
Director Shi Yingbai: 86-451-82037077 (Office), 86-451-82737856 (Home)
Assistant Directors Liu Lun and Li Jinhua
Office: 86-451-82037079
Changlinzi Labor Camp Switchboard: 86-451-82036637
The Fifth Battalion:86-451-82037105
Commander Wang Kai:86-13304513499 (Cellphone)
Assistant Commanders Qiang Shengguo and Li Jianfeng: 86-13359720818