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Police Swindle More Than 50,000 Yuan from Practitioner Hao Yijing's Husband

October 09, 2007 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) On May 14, 2007, Falun Gong practitioner Ms. Hao Yijing, an employee of the Qingyang City Changqing Transport Office in Gansu Province, went to her hometown of Xunyang County, Shaanxi Province to visit her parents-in-law with her husband Mr. Yang Caizhi. During this period, because she read Falun Gong books, did the exercises, and clarified the truth to her family members, she was reported to police by her father-in-law. She was promptly arrested by the police from the local station. Later, she was taken to the Xunyang County Police Department and detained there. Around May 20, 2007, Ms Hao Yijing was taken back by police from the Yucai Road Station of the Changqing City Police Department in Gansu Province. At the Yucai Road Police Station she was tortured in order to gain a confession. Her house was then ransacked and she was extorted out of 6,018 Yuan. In order to encourage her family to pay the fee, the police released Ms. Hao. Later, on May 30, 2007, Ms. Hao was again arrested and detained at the Xifeng District Detention Center in Qingyang City. She was again mercilessly tortured.

During the period of her arrest, Wang Bin (male), Zhang Feng (male) from the Qingyang City Police Department, Min Liang (male), and the driver An Ming (male) from the Yucai Road Police Station went to Ms. Hao's house several times to extort more money from her family. They said once the family paid the money, Ms. Hao would be released. Mr. Yang Caizhi, Ms. Hao's husband, is handicapped. He was involved in a car accident where his right eye, head and lower back were severely injured. Because of his condition, he is often absent minded and thus could not judge this situation well. In addition, he was eager to rescue his wife. He believed what the police officers said and gave officer An Ming all the cash (49,600 yuan in total) that the whole family had been saving. The money was then lavishly spent on personal luxuries by agents from the Changqing City Police Department and the Qingyang City Police Department. But even now Ms. Hao has not been released. Instead, on July 7, 2007, Mr. Yang Caizhi received a warrant for his wife's arrest from the Changqing City Police Department.

Mr. Yang gave these people 55,618 Yuan in total and got nothing but an arrest warrant. He was given only one receipt for 16,018 Yuan. Every time officer An Ming took money, Mr. Yang wrote down the details, including the date and amount. However, Mr. Yang was later required to hand these records to Zhang Xiaoping from the Changqing City Police Department. When Mr. Yang went to ask Zhang for these records, he was refused.

We hope that Falun Gong practitioners' family members will not be fooled again by these corrupt tactics. Their arrest was illegal, and we should ask for their immediate release in a dignified way. If we continue to give them money, we could never fill that bottomless hole, and there would be no end to the demands. Only righteous thoughts and actions can subdue the evil.