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Practitioner Cao Aihua was Tortured to Death Almost a Year Ago--Her Family Is Still Appealing for Justice

October 07, 2007 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) In 20 more days, it will be a year since practitioner Ms. Cao Aihua was tortured to death for practicing Falun Dafa. While Ms. Cao's son has kept a vigilfor his mother in the funeral home for the past year, her relatives have been continuously trying to appeal for the justice she deserves.

On November 1, 2006, after Ms. Cao Aihua was sent to the Army Corps' Women's Forced Labor Camp in Xingjiang Autonomous Region, her husband traveled 1,000 miles from Xingjiang Alaer to see her at the camp. This was the third time she had been illegally imprisoned at a forced labor camp because she practices Falun Dafa. After Ms. Cao was arrested and sent to the forced labor camp, her father became very ill. However, she did not know of his condition because her husband didn't have the courage to tell her about it.

Ms. Cao's husband could not stay long during his visit with her because he had to hurry back home to look after his sick father-in-law. Less than 10 days after his visit with Ms. Cao, he was notified by the local police that she had been taken to the hospital next to the forced labor camp. Very concerned, Ms. Cao's husband hurried to go see her. She told him how she was tortured by the guards.

After seeing her for only a short while, Ms. Cao's husband went out to buy her some essentials from a store. However, when he got back to the hospital, Ms. Cao had already been taken back to the forced labor camp. Ms. Cao's husband noticed some blood near the bed inside the room. When he asked about it, a nurse told him that Ms. Cao was spitting up blood.

Ms. Cao Aihua was sent to the forced labor camp on November 1, 2006. Thirteen days later, on the morning of November 13, she was admitted to the hospital, but was taken out of the hospital in the afternoon. Within one day, she was taken in and out the hospital many times. Finally, she stopped breathing and passed away.

When Ms. Cao's husband was carefully washing her lifeless body, he noticed many dark bruises around her waist that were caused by her being punched. There was also a small-sized pinhole on the side of her lower abdomen that leaked out bloody water.

Currently, Ms. Cao Aihua's body is still lying in a funeral home near Wujiaqu, Xinjiang Autonomous Region. Her son stands vigil beside her, as other family members try to seek justice for her.

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