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Solemn Statements from Dafa Disciples

January 09, 2007 |  


Solemn Statement

I obtained the Fa in 1996. Before that my temper was very bad. I was very vain and frequently ill. I have benefited much from practicing, as both my body and spirit attained new heights. After the persecution began on July 20, 1999, I went to the practice site to practice. Halfway through the police came and illegally arrested us, and we were taken to the police station. They took my information and photographed me. At night the police notified my husband to take me home, but they required that I report back to the station the next day. So the next day my husband and I returned to the police station. The police chief who knew us said to me, "Today it is because you practice Falun Gong, and we can't let you go. If you were a thief we could immediately let you go. You have to write a guarantee statement to guarantee that from now on you won't practice outside." At that time I wouldn't agree to it, so they threatened me by saying, "Without a guarantee statement, this problem will be escalated." In addition they brainwashed me, so I signed the guarantee statement. Two days after returning home, suddenly my old illnesses resurfaced. In the next three years I never put my head down to practice the exercises and study the Fa well. My health worsened, and I didn't contact fellow disciples. All the audio tapes in my house no longer produced any sound. One day I was lying in my bed feeling the onset [of the illnesses], when suddenly a burst of bright exercise music filled my ears. My head immediately was no longer dizzy. This was Master helping me. I hereby declare that the guarantee letter I wrote before, and other words and actions that didn't meet Dafa's standards, are completely void. From now on I will do the three things well, and make up for the losses I've caused to Dafa.

Bin Zhifen on December 6, 2006


Solemn Statement

From July 20, 1999 to 2003, my workplace put out examination papers three times. In the papers two times they completely and directly slandered and attacked Dafa. The standard answers were misrepresentations [of Dafa], and they made everyone fill it out. I did not participate in it all three times. For the first two times nothing happened afterwards. However the last time there was a problem. A week after [I boycotted the examination], my husband (who was in the same workplace as me as well as a person in charge) came back from a business trip and told me, "Everyone in the workplace has submitted the answer sheets except for you." I replied, "I will not fill it out." He became angry, and tried to force me to write it. I told him that I would not fill one out. He said to me with an angry tone, "You can go, I'll deal with this [matter]." At that time I felt that he was going to fill it out for me, however I thought that in any case, it wasn't me filling it out, thus it has nothing to do with me. After this incident I didn't think twice about it. Now as I reexamine myself, I feel that at that time I already knew someone else was about to write it for me, but I still didn't oppose it. Wasn't that a silent agreement? I let other people do something for me, yet I wanted to leave behind a clean slate. This kind of silent agreement didn't just pollute myself, but also harmed others by making them commit crimes against Dafa. I solemnly declare that whatever was done using my name to damage Dafa and Master are completely void. I will not recognize the control and arrangements of the old forces and evil elements. I will be a pure Dafa disciple and walk the final steps, truly becoming divine.

Zhang Runxiang on December 9, 2006