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Nine Practitioners in Liaoyuan City, Jilin Province, Were Illegally Sentenced

January 03, 2007 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) On December 6, 2006, nine Falun Gong practitioners in Liaoyuan City, including Xiang Lijie and others, were illegally sentenced.

Liaoyuan City police have a special team of three officers to handle criminal cases. Instead of investigating criminal cases, however, they specifically arrest Falun Dafa practitioners to make up the number of arrests. Chinese Communist Party policies provide for bonuses and promotions for arrests and sentencing, and there is a certain quota that must be met. Those law enforcement officers who fail to fulfill their quotas get laid off or demoted. This policy encourages police officers to rampantly arrest and inhumanely torture Dafa practitioners.

According to internal sources, the police took nine months to track down, monitor, and arrest these practitioners. They then tortured them using various cruel methods. In the hot summer the police detained practitioners in an abandoned oil refinery in Liaoyuan City. They tied the practitioners onto iron stools and focused lights on them to attract mosquitoes and other insects. Afterwards, the practitioners' bodies were horrible to look at. The police also used insidious ways to apply torture in order to leave no evidence on the surface. For example, they slowly pierced practitioners' nails with needles. The police placed a plastic bag over one practitioner's head, leaving only a small hole. They then blew smoke into the hole. They put a metal barrel over another practitioner's head and continuously beat the barrel with an iron baton. In the cold of winter, practitioners wearing only thin clothing were forced to sit on the cold iron stools.

Pi Fuguo, chief of the local 610 Office: 86-13351560686 (cell)
An Qi, director of the court: 86-437-2967322

December 23, 2006