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Radio Free Asia Reports on Lawlessness in Chinese Labor Camps

January 27, 2007 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) The Masanjia Forced Labor Camp in Liaoning Province refused to provide to Mr. Zhang Zhengtong, a Chinese student studying in Germany, any information about his wife Wang Xiaoyan, who is illegally detained there. Human rights groups in Germany are concerned with the situations of Wang Xiaoyan and Jiang Renzheng, and demand that the Chinese Communist regime immediately stop persecuting them. The following is the transcript of a report sent from Germany by a reporter from Radio Free Asia (RFA) in Europe.

Since Mr. Jiang Renzheng was deported to China from Germany in March 2005, his entire family has been subjected to continuous persecution of various kinds. Wang Xiaoyan, the wife of Zhang Zhengtong, who came to study in Germany last year, has been detained again just because she practices Falun Gong. These two cases have become examples of China’s human rights situations for German human rights organizations and the German government. During the New Year break, RFA reporter contacted Mr. Zhang Zhengtong to learn his wife’s situation. Mr. Zhang called Masanjia Labor Camp where his wife is detained. A transcript of the call follows:

Masanjia: "Hello."
Zhang Zhengtong: "Hello. Is this the first major group in Masanjia?"
Masanjia: "Yes. It is."
Zhang Zhengtong: "Wang Xiaoyan is detained at your place. Isn’t it true?"
Masanjia: "Is she a Falun Gong practitioner?"
Zhang Zhengtong: "That’s right. I am her husband. I would like to ask if she is still detained there."
Masanjia: "Yes. She is."
Zhang Zhengtong: "Could I talk to her because I haven’t talked to her for about half a year? I am in Germany."
Masanjia: "She already went to work and is at the workshop. I am upstairs. Her group leader is not here. I can’t make that decision."
Zhang Zhengtong: "I would like to tell you that if I can't manage to contact her, I will have to report her as a missing person."
Masanjia: "Who is missing? Wang Xiaoyan is in our group."
Masanjia: "I didn’t say you can’t talk to her. I can’t make decisions. You have to wait and call again after 9:00 p.m. in the evening."
Masanjia: "There are more than fifty detained people upstairs. Who would be responsible if something happens?"
Zhang Zhengtong: "I know. Could you call your superior to seek permission?"
Masanjia: "Do you want me to call someone? No telephone. I told you."
(The phone was cut off)

Zhang Zhengtong called a second time and encountered a very rude response.

Masanjia:: "Hello."
Zhang Zhengtong: "Hi. How are you? I am Wang Xiaoyan’s husband. I would like to talk to her. Could I trouble you to find your group superior?"
Masanjia: "Who are you?"
Zhang Zhengtong: "I am Wang Xiaoyan’s husband."
Masanjia: "Wang Xiaoyan has no husband."
Zhang Zhengtong: "I am her husband. I would like to talk to her."
(The phone was cut off)

Two days later, Zhang Zhengtong called again with great patience.

Masanjia: "Hello."
Zhang Zhengtong: "Hi, how are you? I want to talk you your superior. Which superior is currently available? Could you help me and have a look?"
Masanjia: "There are no superiors available. They are all on a break."
Zhang Zhengtong: "I called two days ago. The staff at duty said leader Shao would be available today. What happened? Could you tell me who is actually in charge?"
Masanjia: "There are many superiors. It is noon now. They are on a break. Leader Shao is no longer in charge of her. It’s no use whoever you want to talk to."
Zhang Zhengtong: "Could you tell me then who is currently in charge?"
Masanjia: "There are a few superiors. Is it necessary to tell you? Tell me whom you want to talk to? There are many superiors."
Zhang Zhengtong: "I want to find Wang Xiaoyan. I am her husband. I want to talk to her."
Masanjia: "My superior just said that he is on a break. Who do you want to talk to? A superior or Wang Xiaoyan?"
Zhang Zhengtong: "I want to find Wang Xiaoyan. I want to talk to her. Could you make a decision and let her come to talk to me please?"
Masanjia: "That’s not possible. That’s not possible."
Zhang Zhengtong: "Is it your regulation in the labor camp that people being detained are not allowed to talk to their families?"
Masanjia: "That’s right. It’s not allowed."
Zhang Zhengtong: "I would like to tell you…."
Masanjia: "It is allowed to call out from inside. It’s not allowed to receive calls from outside."
Zhang Zhengtong: "You said differently before."
Masanjia: "It is alright to call from inside to outside. They are not allowed to receive calls."
Zhang Zhengtong: "I am recording this phone conversation. I will inform the Justice Bureau."
Masanjia: "Go ahead."
Zhang Zhengtong: "If you talk like this, I will…"
(The phone was cut off)

Mr Zhang Zhengtong told the RFA reporter that he would provide these phone records to all human rights groups, media and political circles in Europe concerned with human rights violations in China. From these phone records, it is easy for people to see the lawlessness in China’s forced labor camps. It is also easy to see that the staff working in the labor camps are not free to say what they want. Mr. Zhang believes that these facts would make the European Parliament and German government more concerned with the persecution of Falun Gong.