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Persecution of Falun Dafa Practitioners at Shiling Prison in Siping City, Jilin Province

January 01, 2007 |   By a Falun Dafa practitioner in Jilin Province

(Clearwisdom.net) Around 3:00 p.m. on July 25, 2006, most Falun Dafa practitioners held in the Shiling Prison were brought to the Supervised Education Section, which is actually a place for assaulting law-abiding people. More than ten practitioners were put into Cells No. 1, No. 2, and No. 3 for intensified persecution. They were not allowed to talk, and if practitioners in the same cell even looked at each other, they would be reprimanded by the guards. If practitioners tried to explain anything to the guards, they would be cursed at, and if they argued, the guards would instigate criminal prisoners to brutally beat them.

On the morning of the 26th, in Cell No. 2, because practitioner Liu Zhijun wouldn't cooperate with a prisoner's command to "sit and study," prisoner Li Wenjun beat him in front of everybody. Then Mr. Liu was dragged into the guards' office (a small dark room), where officers Yang Tiejun and Zhang Sixing shocked him with electric batons on his face, head, neck and all over his body. When Liu Zhijun was carried back by two prisoners, he was mentally disoriented and he had several severe burns. Even after a long time, his skin bore the scars of many dark burns.

Prisoners Li Wenjun and Han Jingjun in Cell No. 2 were paid by the police to threaten practitioners: "Do you know why you are here? Let us tell you: it is for more focused punishment. The police said everything would start over again, like in 1999; if you Falun Gong people don't listen or obey, you will be beaten, and if you are beaten to death, we will just say you died naturally. What can you do then? Who will be the witnesses?" These two wicked people were always threatening and trying to terrify practitioners.

July 31st was a clean-up day. A little after 3:00 p.m., several prisoners forced everyone to mop the floor and clean the windows. One practitioner refused to cooperate with the orders. Criminal prisoner Li Wenjun cursed for a while, and then went to report to officer Zhang Sixing. When he got back, he and another prisoner named Han Jingjun took this practitioner to a corner near the water room, and brutally beat him. One prisoner hit him in the face and head, and the other hit his chest, back and ribs. Other prisoners also joined in the abuse. The practitioner was beaten until he spat out blood and passed out on the ground. When he regained consciousness, he saw blood all over his clothes. The prisoners then placed him between two big metal buckets. Criminal prisoner Zong Yanlong from Cell No. 1 demanded to know whether he would work, but he didn't answer. Zong Yanlong got mad, brutally hit the practitioner's throat, and he passed out again. When he regained consciousness, the criminals washed away the blood on his head and face to hide their crime, and then led him back to his cell. Afterwards police officer Zhang Sixing called the practitioner over and threatened him: "Beating you like this was nothing; next time it will be worse." Because this practitioner was hurt very badly, he asked for a medical examination, but Zhang Sixing turned him down. The practitioner then asked to see the supervising officer, but the police and criminal accomplices did all they could to prevent it.

The following is an example of "transformation" by violence. At 8:00 p.m. on September 9, 2006, police captain Yin Shoudong, instructor Geng Mingcai, and other policemen including Yang Tiejun and Zhang Sixing, called all nine practitioners from Cell No. 3 to the office. The police wanted them to sign an agreement not to practice Falun Dafa anymore. The practitioners refused to cooperate, so the police brutally tortured them with electric torturing devices. The whole prison could hear the practitioners' painful screams.

Police officers Yang Tiejun, Geng Mingcai, criminal prisoner Li Wenjun and Gao Minglong, are the worst culprits in the Shiling Prison for persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners. Their torture methods are extremely cruel. For practitioners who don't give up cultivation, they either brutally beat them, or torture them with electric instruments. They pour water on the ground, and then shock practitioners with electric batons. Police officer Geng Mingcai threatened practitioners: "Do you know what supervised district this is? Do you know me? Do you understand why I was transferred here? It was precisely to torture all you practitioners."

Falun Dafa Practitioner Liang Zhenxing was persecuted in Jilin City Prison. Because he kept strong righteous thoughts and refused to cooperate with the corrupt officials, he was transferred to the 22nd Supervised District of the Tiebei Prison in Changchun City on March 29, 2005. Because Mr. Liang never cooperated with any of their orders or demands, and he never acknowledged the illegal persecution, in August 2005, he was again transferred to the Shiling Prison in Siping City, Jilin Province, for more severe torture. Now he has been on a hunger strike for over three months to protest the unlawful detention, and suffers persecution in the prison hospital.

Another Falun Dafa practitioner (name unknown) was tortured in the Shiling Prison until he was completely paralyzed, and could not live independently. It has been two years, and he is still facing illegal persecution today.

In June 2006, the Shiling Prison, working with the 610 Office in Changchun City, started another round of mad and irrational persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners from Changchun City and the greater Changchun area. On July 25, guards brought all the practitioners together and started a round of excruciating torture. For several days, every morning at 8:00 a.m., practitioner Xie Fei was brought to an empty room. The police instigated several criminal prisoners to brutally beat him once the door was closed. Then he was brought in front of the 610 Office officers, who had prepared materials slandering Dafa, and the forced brainwashing with these materials would begin. Every day this cruel method was used to torture Falun Dafa practitioners. Xie Fei was tortured so terribly that his head became distorted, his eyes were badly congested, and he was in pain for a long time.

Practitioner Liu Xiaoyong, who was held in the Fourth Supervised District in the prison, was tortured twice by police Du Guo, He, Li and others. They took turns torturing him with electric batons. His skin was badly burned, and he was forced to stay in a small cell.

Falun Dafa practitioner Shen Lixin lived in the Family District of the Sifangtuozi Prison in Jilin Province. He was a police officer in the Zhenlai County Second Prison, Jilin Province. Because Mr. Shen persisted in practicing Falun Dafa, he was illegally sentenced to forced labor. In 2004, he was arrested from home, and sentenced to seven years in prison. He was sent to the Shiling Prison, where he was brutally tortured by police because he refused to cooperate with their unreasonable orders, and was not afraid of their threats. In November 2005, Shen Lixin was transferred to the 12th Supervised District of the Tiebei Prison in Changchun City, where he still would not cooperate with any orders or instigations. In March 2006, he was transferred to the 22nd District for further persecution. Mr. Shen went on a hunger strike to protest the illegal persecution. He was transferred to Jilin Prison at the end of March. His current condition is unknown.

Above are the facts of persecution of Falun Dafa practitioners in the Shiling Prison, which is but a small part of a larger system hiding many similar situations.