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Details of the Illegal Arrests of More Than 20 Dafa Practitioners from Panjin, Liaoning Province

September 04, 2006 |   By a Dafa practitioner in Panjin, Liaoning Province

(Clearwisdom.net) On July 22, 2006, more than 20 Dafa disciples were illegally arrested and imprisoned in the Panjin Jail and Detention Center. The perpetrators did not show any credentials when they arrested them and confiscated these Dafa practitioners' property. In addition, some of the Dafa disciples' family members were beaten and even arrested. Mr. Zou Liming's daughter was beaten and many places on her body were black and blue; Mr. Zhang Yawei's wife was beaten and his brother-in-law was arrested. At noon on July 22, the police held a banquet at Shaling Town to celebrate their illegal arrest of so many Dafa disciples. Their misdeeds raised enormous public indignation.

On the morning of July 22, the following practitioners in Panjin City were arrested: Wang Fuxing, Zou Liming, Wang Baofu, Ms. Li (She ran a barber shop. Her husband was also arrested.), Liu Guangqing, Zhao Mingjie, Li Changming, Bai Jinqi, Sun Xiaojing, Ms. Li Hua, Ms. Zhang Chungui, Ms. Yang Liu, Ms. Zheng Yan, Ms. Zhao Dan, and Zhang Cuigui. The homes of these practitioners were ransacked. The other Dafa practitioners' names and details are uncertain but are being investigated.

When the perpetrators went to Zhao Lixin's home to arrest her, she happened not to be home, so they instead arrested her daughter, who had just graduated from college. The perpetrators pried at the door for four hours. It has yet to be determined whether Ms. Zhao's daughter was released or not. Ms. Zhao's husband Mr. Yang Zhifa died several months ago under the long-term persecution. He was destitute and homeless after getting out of a forced labor camp.

Mr. Liu Guangqing is a teacher at Yulou Professional School of Liaohe Oil Field. When he went home on July 22, he was arrested by Deputy Chief Huang Haiou from the National Security Team in Xinglongtai District, and Gong Qingrong, deputy chief of the Xinglongtai Police Sub-bureau, leading policemen Hou Ming and Duan Yingjie. A total of five people waited at Mr. Liu's home for a long time. The police confiscated his property and stole his personal belongings. Mr. Liu shouted, "Falun Dafa is good!" along the road when he was being taken away by the police.

Mr. Wang Fuxing is a teacher in Shuangtai District. He was arrested between 8:00 and 9:00 a.m. on July 22.

Mr. Wang Baofu is a teacher at Panjin Fertilizer Plant Middle School. He went to Qinghai on a business trip and just returned to Panjin not long ago. He lived in Shuagtai District. At 8:30 a.m. on July 22, he was arrested and his home was ransacked.

Ms. Wang Yuqin is a senior teacher at Panjin Fifth Middle School and is Mr. Wang Baofu's wife.

Mr. Zhao Mingjie is from Jiuhua (possibly Tuwei Village, Panshan), Panjin. He was illegally arrested on July 22.

Mr. Zou Liming, from Sanchang, was a former staff person at the Liaohe Oil Field Petrochemical Company. He was terminated from the company. On the morning on July 22, he was arrested at home. The police beat up his daughter during the arrest.

Li Changming from Jiuhua, Panshan was arrested at home.

The police also went to Gaosheng Town in Panshan to arrest practitioners on July 22. Because the Dafa disciples they wanted to arrest were not at home, they confiscated their families' property and stole their personal belongings.

According to the police, they planned to arrest more than 20 people and threatened that they would keep on arresting people. Some local police officers told Dafa disciples not to go outside.

In this event, Panshan and Shuangtaizi Districts sent out police from the Public Security Sub-bureau, the National Security Bureau, the Liaohe Police Station, the Shengli Police Station, the Jianshe Police Station, and the Hongqi Police Station. Xinglongtai District sent out many police officers led by Deputy Chief Huang Haiou from the National Security Team. The Politics and Law Committee from the city, counties and districts and the 610 Office ("Maintaining Stability Office") directed the arrests.

This event may have involved the use of people who went astray from Dafa to spy on the practitioners to gather information. It was reported that this event was in the planning for more than half a year.

In addition, these arrested Dafa disciples' family members and relatives went to Panjin Jail and Detention Center, the Politics and Law Committee, National Security, the 610 Office and other relevant agencies to request the unconditional release of their family members. We ask overseas practitioners to send forth righteous thoughts to strengthen these practitioners and their family members, in order to rescue them from illegal detention as soon as possible.

Departments directly participating in the mass arrests:

Panjin Xinglongtai District Public Security Sub-bureau

Panjin Shuangtaizi District Public Security Sub-bureau

Liaohe Local Police Station: 86-427-3685010

Hongqi Local Police Station: 86-427-3887322

Shengli Local Police Station: 86-427-3835892

Jianshe Local Police Station: 86-427-3881908

Liu Desheng, Secretary of Panjin Municipal Politics and Law Committee: 86-427-2839045(Office), 86-427-2839049

Yang Zhenfu, Chief of Panjin Municipal Public Security Bureau: 86-427-2822003

Sun Tianming, in charge of Internet monitoring (Internet Police Team) in Panjin Municipal Public Security Bureau: 86-13324251388(Cell)

Zhou Laixin, chief of Politics Security Section, Panjin Municipal National Security Team: 86-427-2682030(Office), 86-427-2838165(Home), 86-13604277978(Cell)

Panjin Detention Center

Chief Jing Chengsheng: 86-427-2682511(Office), 86-13909875868 (Cell)

Chief Han: 86-427-2682555(Office), 86-13514278086(Cell)

Depty Chief Wang Yonggang who is charge of managing Falun Gong practitioners: 86-427-2862533(Office)

July 25, 2006