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Following the Righteous Fa in Ordinary Society

September 21, 2006 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Not long ago I had a dream that had a big impact on me. I would like to share it so that those who have the same problem may learn from my experience.

Because I haven't been able to eliminate my attachment to self-interest, I keep running into xinxing tests regarding self-interest at my workplace.

I work in a hospital. After medical reforms in China took place, each hospital was made responsible for its profits or losses. As a result, my hospital stops at nothing to earn profit. The hospital asks the doctors to prescribe a lot of expensive medicine and make unnecessary medical exams for one purpose only—to extract every possible penny from the patients' pockets. The hospital also determines each doctor's salary according to the "revenue" he brings in.

I have been practicing Falun Gong's principles of Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance. I don't prescribe expensive medicine or make unnecessary medical exams. Although I am known for my excellent skills among my patients, I have been getting the lowest salary in my department and of all the medical doctors in the entire hospital. I thought often about reasoning with the president of the hospital, but he is a very unreasonable man. I decided it would be pointless, so I just suppressed my grief.

Because the Chinese communist party (CCP) is on the verge of collapse, it has been making a last-ditch struggle to repair its scoundrel image and our hospital has become a tool for its propaganda. The CCP decided to change the image of our hospital into that of an "affordable hospital." The president of the hospital announced the CCP's decision at a staff meeting: "For the sake of the patients' interests, and the image of the hospital, our hospital will adjust the doctors' salaries according to the market rate, instead of the revenue they bring to the hospital. In addition, the doctors are no longer allowed to prescribe expensive medicine.

Little did I expect that my salary would still be the lowest of all the doctors at the hospital the month following the president's announcement. I thought, "How could the president lie to me? Does he think that Falun Gong practitioners are easy to bully?" I wanted to confront the president, but my colleagues told me to wait because he is an unreasonable man. I decided I would ask a colleague to inquire about my salary. A few days passed, but he did not go see the president. I felt unhappy again.

One afternoon while feeling overcome with grief, I fell asleep on the bed. I had a dream where I went upstairs in a large elevator. There was a very beautiful chair in the center of the elevator that was bolted down to the floor. I sat on the chair while the elevator went up and down. For some unknown reason, the chair sprang out of the elevator to the lawn when the elevator reached the first floor. It immediately bolted down to the lawn. Next, a robust man appeared. He saw the beautiful chair and wanted to take it away. I wanted to stop him, but he was much bigger and taller than I was. I was a little intimidated, so I went to find a security guard in the community. The security guard was busy with something, so I had to wait for a while before he was finally able to come with me to the lawn. By the time the two of us arrived at the scene, the robust man had already separated the chair from the ground. However, he had torn the chair apart and there was no way it could be put back together again. I was heartbroken, and woke up from the dream.

I woke up feeling quite morose. I searched inward and asked myself why I had the dream. I also thought about why the insufficient compensation made me so unhappy. All of sudden I realized the dream was Teacher's hint. It was the president of the hospital that was in the wrong, just like the robust man in my dream. I was afraid of confrontation, so I asked a colleague to reason with him on my behalf. Similarly, I didn't want to confront the robust man in the dream, so I failed to stop him from destroying the chair. Because I didn't stop him in time, the chair was destroyed beyond repair. I think the dream was hinting to me that things would be beyond repair if I didn't talk to the president in time and if relied on my colleague to do the communication for me. Once I realized this, I immediately got up and called the president on his cellular phone. He admitted the mistake right away and promised to rectify the inconsistency for the following month.

I learned something from this experience: If it is in compliance with the Fa, I should do it confidently. The evil shall never prevail over the righteous. Only when we follow the Fa can we correctly conform to everyday people's society. This is the normal cultivation state for a cultivator. When I stop the president from doing bad deeds, I am being truly good to him.

Please kindly point out anything inappropriate in my understanding.