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An Older Lady Cultivating Firmly

September 16, 2006 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) In my district, there is a firmly cultivating older lady. She has a lot of experience in clarifying the truth to people. I would like to share her good deeds with our fellow practitioners.

This lady is over 70 years old. She suffered from various illnesses and her mind was in a fog before practicing Falun Gong. After practicing Falun Gong, she changed a lot. She had a healthy glow to her face. She became physically healthy, open minded, and optimistic. Her changes were infectious and spread to those around her.

Even after the persecution began on July 20, 1999, this lady never indulged herself. She continued to cultivate. One time, the local 610 Office agents illegally arrested practitioners and tortured them. This lady and other practitioners went to their town committee to ask about the arrested practitioners. The lady appealed for the practitioners' release by sitting in the yard and practicing Falun Gong. Later, around five policemen tried to move her, but they couldn't budge her a bit. They were all out of breath and wondered why they couldn't move her. She said calmly, "You are not reasonable. Don't libel my teacher and Falun Dafa. Don't persecute practitioners!"

This lady always questioned, "Is there anything wrong with saving people? That is what our Teacher told us to do." One time, she went to post truth clarifying materials with her daughter. She concentrated on putting up the materials, but her daughter didn't keep calm and stable. When the daughter saw someone coming, she said to her mother: "Mommy, Mommy, there is someone coming." The older woman was not nervous at all. Instead, she turned to face the approaching young man and said to her daughter, "This young gentleman has arrived. He is the one that we should save."

The young man came up to her and asked: "Ma'am, what's happened?" The old lady said, "I am going to share something good with you. Keep it and it will save people." The young man accepted the truth-clarifying materials and said sincerely, "Saving people is a good thing. I will surely take a look at it." Then, he left.

Even under the stress of persecution, this lady never minded. She always said, "No need to worry. Saving people is transcendence."

One time, she was "illegally detained" in a detention center. She took this chance to clarify the truth to prisoners and to the policemen. She shouted, "Falun Dafa is good!" After a while, she felt that she was ready to go because she had already clarified the truth clearly. She said: "I should go." She stopped eating. Her blood pressure went up and her heart rate became abnormal. The police had no idea what to do and had to release her. When she got home, she rode her tricycle to clarify the truth.

This lady clarified the truth and distributed truth clarifying material locally and also went a hundred miles away to clarify the truth. When her relatives needed truth clarification material, she carried a hundred truth clarification VCDs on a bus to their homes. She then gathered her relatives and neighbors to clarify the truth and watch the VCD. The result was very good.

Another time the lady went to another province to distribute materials. When there were only a few pieces left, she relaxed and bought an ice cream to eat. She thought that when those few materials were given out, she would go home. Her righteous thoughts were relaxed and someone reported her to the local police station. She compassionately clarified the truth and those who had come to arrest her were restrained by her peaceful and benevolent field, even though the persecution was very severe. Those policemen smiled and said, "Oh, so that is the truth."

Surprisingly, when she was arrested in that other city, someone phoned us. The practitioners from her area sent righteous thoughts together to eliminate the evil factors. The next day, she was sent to her local police station. The policemen there thought, "We cannot persecute this lady. Send her home." Before they let her go, the police took a hundred copies of truth clarification materials. The lady said calmly, "Keep them to see the truth. I wanted to give them to you.

This lady once went to a policemen's home to give the family some truth clarification materials. Suddenly, a young man jumped in front her and grabbed her. He said, "Finally, I have arrested you. You are a Falun Gong practitioner. My grandfather is a policeman."

She was not nervous at all. She smiled and said, "Dear child, don't shout. Your grandfather knows me. He is a nice person. Maybe that's why you are such a good boy. So energetic! You must know that I have come to save you." The young man smiled and said, "Grandmother, I will not report you. I was only kidding."

This old lady does the three things well. Her environment has changed so much. She sends forth righteous thoughts and then drives a tricycle to clarify the truth and distribute truth clarification materials every day. She goes where there are many people. Her family understood the truth and studied the Fa. Her neighbors were saved. The shoe repairmen, car repairmen, and sellers all learned the truth. Lots of people in her company learned the truth and were saved.

Now when this lady goes out, business owners in the street greet her and say, "Falun Dafa is good."

Some of then ask for truth VCDs, saying, "Dear lady, is there any new truth-clarifying material? Don't forget me!" Some of them said " If there is any news or VCDs, you bring them here and we can help you to distribute them."

There is truth in the older lady's plain words: "We should clarify the truth clearly. Save the people and they will support Dafa and help us. Then how could there be any persecution?"

It's true. Let us go the way our Teacher arranged for us, melt into Fa rectification, do the three things well, and nobody can harm us.

Aug. 29th 2006