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Four-Year-Old Girl's Father Arrested and Mother Killed Possibly By Police in 2001

September 12, 2006 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa disciple Gao Deyan in Longkou City, Shandong Province was killed over five years ago. Her killer is still at large. We are now providing some additional facts of the persecution of Chen Zhaowu and his wife, Gao Deyan.

Chen Zhaowu and Gao Deyan were Dafa disciples in Small Chenjia Village, Big Chenjia Town, Longkou City, Shandong Province. This year, they both would have been 40 years old. In October 1999, they went to Beijing to appeal for justice for Falun Dafa. They were arrested and brought back and detained at Zhangjia Village Detention Center in Longkou City. Chen Zhaowu was illegally detained for one month, and Gao Deyan was illegally detained for 15 days.

In December 1999, two practitioners from other places arrived at the home of Tang Zhulong, who was a Dafa disciple in Northern Zaoqian Village, Longkou City. Chen Zhaowu and Gao Deyan learned about this and also went to Tang Zhulong's home. More than twenty people from nearby towns gathered there, sharing their cultivation experiences. Team Secretary Xie Deju and Police Station superintendent Wang Gang learned of this meeting. They organized a gang of hatchet men and broke into Tang Zhulong's home during the meeting. Wang Gang took Tang Zhulong to the west room and beat his face fiercely. In a short while, Tang Zhulong's face became swollen, and blood came out from the corners of his mouth. Practitioners who dared to stand up and speak for them were beaten by the Public Security Director and the thugs, instigated by Xie Deju. Finally, twenty practitioners were taken to a village classroom. It was 8:00pm.

These evil people forced the Dafa disciples to face the wall. Gao Deyan carried a two-year-old child, but was also forced to stand. They interrogated the practitioners one by one, asking them who organized the activities. The practitioners did not cooperate with them, and so they were beaten and abused. Two female practitioners were persecuted the most seriously. The authorities beat them for a time, and then brought cold water in basins and poured it over their heads until they were completely soaked. Then they dragged the practitioners out to the playground in the freezing cold. They were so cold that they could not move or speak. They were then dragged back to the classroom. Seeing they were frozen like this, the other practitioners took their clothes off, trying to put them on those who had been outside, but the authorities prevented this. They tortured the Dafa disciples until twelve o'clock midnight.

The practitioners were later taken back to their own hometown police. Chen Zhaowu and Gao Deyan were detained in Big Chenjia Town. Finally, when they were released without condition, they went on a hunger strike for five days.

In October, 2000, Chen Zhaowu and Gao Deyan went to Beijing to validate Dafa a second time. The bus was scheduled to arrive in Beijing at three or four o'clock in the morning. The bus station was full of police. They asked each arriving passenger show their identification card and then leave the station. Chen Zhaowu and his wife's ID cards had been confiscated by local police, so they were arrested at the bus station, and later returned to Big Chenjia Town and detained.

While detained by the Chenjia Town government, the authorities beat them up and abused them. Gao Deyan was beaten so badly that she lost control of her bowels and emitted into her trousers. She escaped and has been homeless ever since, knowing she would be arrested if she returned home.

Later, a practitioner could not bear the torture after being arrested and betrayed them. The authorities searched everywhere looking for them. They even offered a reward of 120,000 yuan for them. Later they were betrayed by another practitioner who revealed where they lived.

One day in July or June 2001, 610 Office Chief Li Shuqiang in Longkou Police Station sent policemen Yu Lihui, Wang Jun, Wang Qi, and others to break into Chen Zhaowu's home. Only Chen Zhaowu was at home. They beat Chen Zhaowu, and caused his nose to bleed. They cuffed him and took him to the detention center for a month and then sentenced him to two years in Wangcun Forced Labor Camp in Zibo City.

Gao Deyan was not at home when the policemen broke into their residence and arrested her husband. About ten days later, however, the body of a female was found in the pond behind their residence. After a check by the landlord, it was confirmed that the dead person was her tenant, Gao Deyan.

It was thought that Gao Deyan came home without knowing that her husband had already been arrested, and taken by waiting police and tortured to death. The policemen threw her body into the pond and made a subterfuge of suicide, trying to shirk responsibility.

The happy family of Chen Zhaowu and Gao Deyan was destroyed like this. A child less than four years old lost its mother forever.

The long arm of the law will not miss a single culprit. Ultimately, we will find the truth of the case, and the killers will receive the punishment they deserve.