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Brain Tumor Disappears after Practicing Dafa

September 11, 2006 |   By a Dafa disciple in Chongqing

(Clearwisdom.net) I am 36 years old. My husband, my son and I live on a remote mountain surrounded by ancient forests. My family is not wealthy and we live a difficult life. In 2004, my menstrual period didn't come, so I went to the district health care center for women and children for a check-up. The doctor said it was an endocrine disorder, and prescribed some medicine. However the medicine did not work. Last year, I started to lose sight in one eye; following that, the other eye also became foggy. I went to the local district hospital for an eye examination. The doctor couldn't figure out the reason either but just prescribed some more medicine. This February, I could hardly endure my headaches, and lost eyesight in both eyes. I also became dizzy very often. An expert in the ophthalmology department of a large hospital suggested I have X-rays taken in the brain surgery department. It turned out that I had a brain tumor. The doctor said that this kind of surgery would cost one hundred thousand yuan or so; moreover, the surgery could not be guaranteed to succeed. It would be better to go home and eat something healthy—in other words, to wait for death.

After listening to what the doctor said, I became despondent. It would have been extremely difficult for my family to collect even ten thousand yuan—not to mention one hundred thousand. In addition, the doctor said that there was no guarantee for a successful surgery. I told my husband that we should not see a doctor and that we should just go home. My husband also felt very bad. He said, "It was not easy to have come into the city at all. Let me accompany you and we will try to have a good time."

We stayed briefly at a family's home. I learned that two elderly people in this family were both practicing Falun Dafa. They told me: "Don't be afraid. You will be all right. Master Li can save you." Then, they started to talk about the cultivation practice of Dafa, how they cultivated "xinxing", and so on. What they said made my heart become bright. After going home, I found a copy of the book, Zhuan Falun. Also I looked for local practitioners and began to learn how to practice the five sets of exercises. After not very long, my headaches were gone, and my spiritual state became stronger too. I felt very grateful from my heart that Master had restored my body for me.

But, after two months, my head became very swollen. My whole body swelled up, like a pregnant woman who was going into labor. I was so big that my entire body became distorted. At that moment, I had a thought: I wanted to go to those big hospitals at Chongqing to find out what was the matter. My husband took me to the Southwest Hospital at Chongqing, which was more than 800 li away (about 250 miles), for a diagnosis. The result was that we were asked to go home just after spending the 10-yuan registration fee. We were told that it was no use to come back.

This time, I became completely disappointed. Even the big hospital had said it was hopeless. Wasn't I just suffering hardship to live like this? My husband did his best to convince and urge me to cheer up and to become more spirited. He brought me back to our small town to look for those two people. They asked us about my cultivation practice, and then they talked with me.

Just at that time I became suddenly awakened. Although I had started to practice cultivation, my goal was impure. Cultivation practice is not for treating illness, but is to return to one's original being. I was not happy with the changes in my body, so I wanted to go to the big hospital to seek an explanation. This wasn't what a practitioner should do!

I thought that even if the time left for me was not much, I should treasure the time more, and spend the limited time on studying Dafa. It was rare and difficult to obtain Dafa! After going home, as I couldn't read Dafa books because I couldn't see well, I asked my husband to find a set of audio recordings of Master's Fa lectures to listen to. I persisted in practicing the exercises every day. No matter what condition my body was in, I simply kept on studying the Fa and practicing, studying the Fa and practicing.

Like this, in about three months, as my thoughts were purified and my xinxing improved, the material body of mine also changed correspondingly. Not only had the headaches and dizziness gone away, but the vision in both eyes also gradually returned day by day. I could read the Dafa books now. My swollen body was also gradually returning to normal. Everything was being rectified. I started to do housework again.

The people around me were all very surprised, having seen the changes in me. They asked what medicines I had taken to make me better so fast. I told them in an open and dignified way that it was because of practicing Falun Gong. They all gave the thumbs-up sign, to say that Falun Dafa is good.