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Do Not Regard Tribulations with Human Notions

August 06, 2006 |   A Dafa practitioner in China

(Clearwisdom.net) When tribulations occur, based on whether we treat things with righteous thoughts or consider them using human notions, the results will be absolutely different. The following is my recent experience, which is also a serious lesson for me.

Do not consider tribulations with human notions

One day, several of us practitioners were arrested, and our truth-clarification materials production site was damaged. The next morning when police interrogated me, because of fear I cooperated with the evil to a degree. For example, when the police asked for my name, I told them. I also used human notions in dealing with other questions they asked, as I just wanted to get it over with.

Looking back, I realized I was cooperating with the evil and did not regard myself as a Dafa disciple. In essence, I did not have righteous thoughts. Since then, they have illegally interrogated me twice, and I told them I would no longer answer their questions. I decided to act according to the Fa. I recited Teacher's new poem "The Red Tide's Wane," clarified the truth to them, and told them about the beatings I suffered previously. My thoughts became more and more righteous, and I refused to answer their questions. The evil in other dimensions was very afraid and stopped interrogating me.

Later, together with other detained practitioners, we recited the Fa and sent forth righteous thoughts. The situation became better. Practitioners outside also sent forth righteous thoughts for us. Here, I thank all practitioners who helped send forth righteous thoughts for us. Because of your full support, we soon got out of there with righteous thoughts.

During the days in the detention center, I felt Teacher was by my side all the time. Teacher did not allow the evil to hurt us. Teacher was caring for us and enlightening us at each step along the way.

Learn from the lessons and constantly look within to rectify ourselves

In "Teaching the Fa at the 2003 Midwest-U.S. Fa Conference," Teacher said,

"Each one of the three things that Dafa disciples should do is very important. Everything of your Consummation in individual cultivation is intertwined with your validating the Fa, so you have to do well, and you have to find and overcome your shortcomings in the course of Fa-rectification. Why is it that the students who live in some areas cooperate well, while the students in some other areas don't cooperate so well? You can't say that it's because we have special agents there causing interference or blame it on this or on that. Actually, I talked about this long ago: When your minds are very righteous, a special agent wouldn't dare to stay where you are. He only has two options. One is to be assimilated by the righteous field, since the pure and righteous field that Dafa disciples give off purges everything that's bad in a person's mind. The pure, righteous field would disintegrate it, disintegrate everything that's unrighteous in the person's consciousness, and that's another manifestation of salvation and a reflection of compassion. When everything bad in a person's consciousness has been disintegrated and he's only left with a simple, pure mind, then that person will recognize and appreciate what's upright and good. So hasn't he been assimilated? Then the other option is to run away as quickly as he can, because the bad person's thought karma and bad concepts are afraid of being disintegrated."

Through Fa-study, I came to understand that we were arrested because our field was not pure and righteous enough, thus unable to save sentient beings, and instead causing great losses. Before that, one practitioner did not have a good attitude towards me, so I didn't want to be near her. For some reason, we had to be together to work on some projects. During this process, I always looked outward for problems and hardly spoke to her. If I were to cooperate well with other practitioners, keep looking within, remain undisturbed regardless of others' attitude, consider things based on the Fa, constantly 'improve my tolerance, such a tragedy would not have happened. Because I did not consider myself as a practitioner, did not regard the Fa as the highest priority, and out of selfishness worried about myself being hurt, the evil was able to take advantage of this. The most grievous thing was the losses brought to Dafa.

I hope fellow practitioners can learn from my mistakes, and that we can all constantly cultivate ourselves, keep looking within, and not succumb to our demon nature.

June 26, 2006