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Some Thoughts About the Process of Approaching Consummation

August 06, 2006 |   By Kuan Rong

(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa has been taught for over a dozen years. Under the evil's' pressure, many fellow practitioners have held onto some human attachment at different levels, and are unclear about the principles of the process of reaching consummation and how to do the three things well in harmony with one another. Some practitioners have become lax, and some even feel that they are no longer able to improve. Accordingly, I'd like to share with fellow practitioners some of my understandings according to my cultivation experience.

I have been cultivating in Dafa for nine years and my celestial eye was always partially open. During my cultivation, I was always able to witness my cultivation process and the transformation of the gong, and my mind was quite clear. Actually for every person who truly cultivates, Master has, from the very beginning, adjusted our bodies and provided us with Falun, the gong mechanism that develops our gong, as well as various other mechanisms.

''When we read the book to study the Fa, there are countless microcosmic, supernormal matters from the shining heavenly book being absorbed into our minds. Master has repeated many times in his lectures that we should study the Fa. As long as we study the Fa, we are changing, and all things come from the Fa.

Of course, the improvement of xinxing must be the main focus while doing the three things well. Master only looks at one's heart and attitude towards the Fa rectification. I have often seen that when reading the Fa calmly or being in a tranquil state during the practice of exercises, many beings in other microcosmic dimensions are elevating and reaching consummation. However, the changes on the surface human side is quite little. When all our cells are cultivated well, we should naturally attain consummation. I often see the images of many small Buddhas in my cells. Of course, each day we will unconsciously create some karma. It is impossible for humans to reach the consummation status on their own. Only Master can cleanse us in the last stage and take us up. Overall, we have to reach or get close to the standard of consummation, otherwise the cultivation achievement is not made by ourselves. If it ends now, those cosmic beings corresponding to the part that is cultivated well in our body will be saved, and those not cultivated well and those not meeting the standard of the new cosmos cannot be taken up with us. How many cosmic beings will have to be lost! Master is waiting for us to improve! Master is enduring hardships while waiting for us and aren't' our endless reincarnations for the purpose of today's cultivation?

When our cultivation reaches the last stage, the requirement is higher, and the evil will take advantage of any loopholes whenever our thoughts are unrighteous and intensify the tribulations and hardships on our cultivation paths. We need to be clear and pay attention and not acknowledge the arrangement of the old forces. Regardless of what happens, the celestial beings are watching the behavior of each of us! At ordinary times do we really believe that Master is beside us at every moment?

"When disciples have ample righteous thoughts, Master has the power to turn back the tide." ("The Master-Disciple Bond", from Hong Yin II, provisional translation)

Righteous thoughts are the thoughts of divine beings, and divine beings are selfless and they always think about others first. We must step out from the human condition and let go of fame, profit and sentimentality. The purpose of human life is to cultivate to return to heaven, and such a precious opportunity only happens once. We must cherish it and strive forward diligently! Any human thought is an obstacle. When we do the three things well without any thoughts or pursuit, then we are all included in the power of Dafa.

The transformation of the cells in our body is dependent upon one's improvement of xinxing. When one' takes lightly things like fame and profit, broadens their mind and improves xinxing while doing the three things, the cells at the surface level are changing dramatically. If our xinxing status stays at a certain level or the attachments stay on certain things (or have omissions), the speed of the transformation of the body will also be reduced. The evil will intensify the persecution of us and make us fall off from that level or even stray from Dafa. If by studying the Fa or sharing, one comes to understand the Fa principles and truly lets go of the attachment, such tribulations will then help build up one's mighty virtue. When seeing such a transformation of gong, we can recognize those who cultivate by their strong conviction and it helps us enlighten to the Fa principles and strengthen our righteous thoughts. After having this belief, what's more important is to cultivate, achieve the next level, and give up selfishness. No loss, no gain. What's lost is the human side, and what's gained is the beauty of assimilating to Dafa.

The more one does not believe, the harder it is for one to see. If the attachment is eliminated, the ability for staying in the state of tranquility and their gong will also grow. When one's heart is unmoved, he or she can attain tranquility. While in tranquility, one will see the manifestation of other dimensions, and should distinguish the true and the false among these manifestations, be able to handle things with Fa principles, and not get lost. One will not encounter any problems while being unattached to anything, as all is looked after by Master.

When cultivation reaches the last stage, the requirement is higher. All of our mind or thoughts must be on the Fa, and we must not leave any loopholes for the evil to take advantage of us. We must give up selfishness, and attain without the attachment of pursuit. Just as Master told us in Zhuan Falun, "Cultivation depends on one's own efforts, while the transformation of gong is done by one's Master."

July 16, 2006