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The Cultivation Story of Ying Ying, a Young Falun Dafa Disciple (Part 1)

August 18, 2006 |   By a young Falun Dafa practitioner from China

(Clearwisdom.net) My father, a Falun Gong practitioner, was illegally arrested and persecuted before I was 3 years old. I wandered from place to place with my mother. I was often bullied; however, I had to forbear. Many adults have said that I was a very sensible child and acted like a mature person. I eventually reunited with my father at the age of 3 when I began to formally cultivate. I was good at expressing myself, so whenever I had time I would talk to the adults about my experiences in sending forth righteous thoughts.

I Must Be Strict with My Cultivation

After I began to practice Falun Gong when I was a little more than 3 years old, I could not see anything with my celestial eye. Father said that I might be like him, as he could not feel anything from his cultivation. However, I was not attached to it. I liked to listen to stories about young practitioners, but father was very busy and had little time to tell me stories like that. Therefore, I began to recite Hong Yin (a collection of Teacher's poems). In the evening I listened to Teacher's lectures when I went to sleep. Father said it was alright for a young disciple like me, but it would be improper for an adult to do so.

My mother was not that diligent in her cultivation. One day, my mother asked me jokingly, "What will you choose between, Mom or Dafa?" I replied without any hesitation, "I want Dafa!" Mother asked again, "By the time you reach consummation but Mom still fails to reach the standard, whom will you want to follow?" I said, "It's your own fault for not having been diligent! By that time it would be useless to cry if you could not make it!" Mother was shocked on hearing what I had said. She knew that both she and Father had not taught me that. As a matter of fact, I learned this by listening to the Fa lectures while I was asleep. When Father was just released from detention and returned home, I did not feel close to him because of the prolonged separation, and I had a strong affection to my mother. Father said I was great since I could put Dafa above everything else.

Father would let me help him clarify the truth and validate the Fa whenever there was an opportunity. I was only too happy to do so. One day, I vomited as a result of the cold; however, I endured it.

Father was normally very thrifty but he spent money on validating Dafa. During the Chinese New Year I received 11 hundred yuan as New Year gifts. I gave all the money, as well as the pocket money I had saved, to Father to be used in validating the Fa.

Entering the Phase of Gradual Enlightenment, I Needed to Set Higher Standards for Myself

When I was five-and-a-half, my celestial eye opened. At the very beginning, what I saw with my celestial eye was blurred and my vision was very narrow. Later on, I could see a lot more clearly. The following are some of my experiences in eliminating the evil.

1) See Through the Temptations and Rely on Dafa for the Power of Righteous Thoughts

In the first few days when I sent forth righteous thoughts, I saw that all the rotten ghosts were taken away by a big net. Later on, I found out that the net was actually cast by me.

One day when I sent forth righteous thoughts, I was sitting on a golden dragon which eliminated the evil together with me. I later got a spear which came from the sky and it was very beautiful. I used it as my Fa-implement and found it was very powerful. I talked about it to Father after sending forth righteous thoughts. Father asked me where I got this spear from. I said it came from the sky and I thought it was given by Teacher as encouragement. When Father asked me in more detail, I said I could not see clearly see since my level was not that high. Father said if I was not sure about the source of the spear, I could say silently, "I only want it if it's from Teacher. If it's not from Teacher, then I do not want it." As a result, when I sent forth righteous thoughts the next time, I was again on the back of the golden dragon. I found the spear was next to the dragon. When I said the words Father taught me silently the spear flew away to the side of a rotten ghost and then they ran away together. They were eliminated as soon as I began to send forth righteous thoughts.

A few days later when I began to send forth righteous thoughts, I was sitting on a lotus flower and I was surrounded by several golden dragons. The golden rays emitted from the lotus flower could also eliminate the evil. I was flying higher and higher while eliminating the rotten ghosts. At that time, a group of fairy maidens appeared and they were all very beautiful. They gave me a large lotus flower. I thought of the principles of Dafa and said, "If it's not given by Teacher I do not want it." As a result, the group of fairy maidens turned into a group of monkeys. As soon as I recited the Fa-rectification verses, a golden beam emitted from my finger and eliminated them instantly. It turned out these fairy maidens were actually the disguised forms of rotten ghosts.

2) When I Made a Mistake, a Petal of the Lotus Flower Dropped Off

I learned from the cultivation stories that several young disciples under the age of five were able to read Zhuan Falun. Father was too busy to spend much time with me and just asked me to read the book by myself. Father advised that if I came across anything that I didn't understand I could ask adults. Though I did not go to school yet, I had already learned quite a few Chinese characters so that I was able to read Lunyu. As for Zhuan Falun, I could finish reading one lecture in two days.

One day when I was sending forth righteous thoughts I found that a petal from the outer layer of the lotus flower on which I was sitting had dropped off. By then my reading of Zhuan Falun was up to "Placement of the Mysterious Pass." Father said, "The primal infant's lotus flower grows one petal after another. Do you want your lotus flower to drop its petals one by one?" I knew that I had made a mistake; my level had dropped since I always wanted to play and did not want to read the Fa. Later on, when I improved myself, the petal of the lotus flower that had dropped off grew back again.

(To be continued)