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Mudanjiang City Prison Guards Persecute Falun Dafa Practitioner Kong Xiangzhu to the Brink of Death

August 17, 2006 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) On July 26, 2006, the Mudanjiang City Prison authorities made two phone calls to the family members of Mr. Kong Xiangzhu, requesting that they pay to arrange medical treatment for Mr. Kong. He is presently thin and weak from abuse and torture, and is unconscious. They have persecuted a strong young man to the brink of death, but still will not release him.

On July 27, the family members were led to the prison administrator's office by team leader Li. The prison chief said, "Kong Xiangzhu is ill. His illness is quite serious. You should pay the cost of his medical treatment. No matter how we 'educate' him, he refuses to be reformed." The whole process of the family members being led into the prison was videotaped.

One of the family members was taken to Ward 11, on the fourth level of Mudanjiang City's Tumor Hospital. When entering, the family member saw two policemen watching Mr. Kong, who was in bed, inert. The family member removed his quilt and saw that Kong Xiangzhu was naked and terribly thin, but was still shackled. Each rib was clearly visible. His weight was about 80 lbs. while he previously had weighed about 125 lbs. He was unconscious. No matter how loudly his family member called to him, he gave no response.

Seeing this, the family member said to the police, "You should be held responsible!" The police team leader Li then said, "Let the family members look after him." Li attempted to leave. A doctor and a lead doctor were then going to do a procedure on his lower back and said, "According to science, we need the result." The family member agreed to have the procedure done. The result was not clear on July 28, 2006, so Mr. Kong underwent a brain CT scan. The results however were still inconclusive. The doctor then decided to consult with several medical specialists to arrive at a diagnosis on the following Monday. The result of the diagnosis was toxic encephalitis and tuberculosis. With toxic encephalitis, one faces the risk of death at any time. On Tuesday the specialists met again to confirm the diagnosis, and the result was the same as the first time.

The family member asked the doctor not to defame Dafa, and not to fabricate lies by making use of the video. When he woke up and saw the doctor, Kong Xiangzhu became very frightened, trembled all over and bit the inside of his mouth. The CCP has persecuted a strong young man to the brink of death, but still would not release him.

Tuberculosis ,as well as various liver illnesses, seem presently to be rampant in the Mudanjiang Prison. The prison guards called the family members of the detainees and told them to send money in order to buy nutritional supplements to improve the inmates' immune systems.

Note: In 2003, Dafa practitioner Zhang Xingfu from Shuangyashan City was severely persecuted. He contracted tuberculosis in Mudanjiang Prison. He was not released until the family members demanded his release after he had lost consciousness and was at the brink of death. However, due to the CCP's persecution, his family did not have the money for treatment. Mr. Zhang passed away in January 2003.

August 4, 2006