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Sharing Thoughts with Practitioners Who Think They Have Sickness Karma

August 13, 2006 |   By a Dafa practitioner from Hunan Province

(Clearwisdom.net) Recently when I went back to my hometown to share thoughts and experiences with fellow practitioners, we talked about practitioners who have sickness karma, including some who even lost their lives. It was not incidental for me to hear about this, because I’ve had experiences with this myself.

Regarding this issue, here is what I think: Sickness shouldn’t exist in Dafa practitioners because Master purified our bodies when we originally walked into cultivation. Master took away all the roots of our illnesses. We don’t need to practice at a low level. Master said,

"We require that hundreds of energy channels be opened from the very beginning."

"...your body is completely purified, but also many things have been installed in your body so that in this class you can develop gong. It is the same as my raising you up and then sending you further ahead." ("Lecture Eight," Zhuan Falun, March 2000 translation version)

So even if one does experience an illness, it is not really an illness. Why do I say that? In our bodies, we’ve developed gong and many high-level beings. Then where is the illness? If there were truly germs, how would our gong and righteous energy field allow them to live in our bodies?

However, why do we experience illness? This is because we have loopholes ourselves. Master said,

"As I’ve told you, all kinds of evil factors take advantage of the gaps that Dafa disciples have when there are still attachments or are human thoughts that the disciples haven’t detected yet. Currently the largest, most obvious type of interference is the work of the evil specter of the malevolent Party. Especially now, when other evil things have been eliminated to the point that few remain, what stands out is the work of the evil factors of the malevolent Party. The varieties of interference and persecution that take place today stem from this." ("Teaching the Fa at the Western U.S. International Fa Conference")

I have an experience related to eliminating the Chinese Communist Party's (CCP) evil culture. Due to the CCP culture instilled in me, and the fact that every single cell of mine was once soaked in the cultural poison from the evil party, my room was occupied by evil spirits. On my shelves, there were books of the CCP. In my storage box, there were Mao’s commemorative coins. On my arts and crafts shelf, there was Mao’s statue. When I first cleaned these things out, the statue was the only thing left. Originally, I wanted to clean it up separately. But it was overlooked and was kept in the room. In July of last year, I suddenly wasn’t able to fall asleep. Although I was sleepy, when I closed my eyes, I would be alert right away. It lasted for a week. I became very weak and tired. I couldn’t eat well either. Later, I felt that this was not right. I tried to look inward and see where I was taken advantage of by the evil. I was very clear in my heart that this was persecution. But I couldn’t or didn’t know where to find the root cause. I was so puzzled. In my dream, Master gave me a hint: I thought "Are you having Mao Zedong illness?" I suddenly realized that I still had the statue that I needed to destroy. So I smashed it right after I got up. I took a nap that day. I slept very well and all the abnormal experiences disappeared. I recognized that I was persecuted because I didn’t give enough attention from the Fa’s perspective to eliminating the evil spirits and rotten ghosts. This is not an issue of elimination solely. This is an issue of not giving Master's instructions enough attention and not firmly believing in Master and the Fa. Hence, I was taken advantage of by the evil.

I know that if we hold strong righteous thoughts, the evil spirits and rotten ghosts wouldn’t be able to take anything away from us. Not because they are afraid, but because they don’t have the capability of doing that, for behind us we have Master’s fashen (Law bodies) protecting us. So I suggest to Dafa practitioners who experience sickness karma to look inward and see if they still have loopholes or still haven’t eliminated the evil spirits completely. Master said in Zhuan Falun:

"We have a practitioner who one day saw my fashen come to his home. He was very excited: "Teacher’s fashen is here. Teacher, please come in." My fashen said: "Your room is too messy, and there are too many things." Then, it left. Usually, when there are many evil spirits in other dimensions, my fashen will clean them out for you. His room, however, was full of different bad qigong books. He came to understand it and cleaned it up by burning the books or selling them. My fashen then returned." ("Lecture Six," Zhuan Falun)

My personal understanding is that if there are still evil spirits existing in our space, Master’s fashen won't help clean them up. They could then cause the deception of sickness karma because we didn’t eliminate the evil spirits that impact our work of Fa-rectification and interfere with our belief in the Fa. The root cause still resides in us.

The CCP culture has been instilled into people for several decades; it attaches itself to everybody, therefore people accept persecution willingly. The CCP culture distorts one's thoughts. People unconsciously sing "Dong Fang Hong" (a song to praise Mao and the CCP) when they feel good. They admire and worship Mao without realizing the seriousness of the persecution by the evil spirits associated with such lapses of attention. A lesser form of persecution is represented by the evil spirits making people do whatever they want to do without paying attention to basic moral standards, while the more serious persecution can be the taking of people’s lives. When a life is taken away by the evil, he/she would still be reciting Mao’s quotations. Here’s an example. A practitioner heard that a co-worker’s brother was suffering from stomach cancer and was miserable. The practitioner was very compassionate and asked his family to tell him to say, "Falun Dafa is good. Truthfulness-Compassion- Tolerance is good" to get rid of the CCP spirit. The practitioners' purpose in telling him to do so was to alleviate the non-practitioner's suffering and help free him from the bondage held deeply in his soul so that he could understand the wonderfulness of Dafa and gain a good destiny. However, the same night, the evil occupied the patient’s heart. He didn’t listen to the practitioner's advice, instead he kept reciting Mao’s quotations "Making up our mind…" He recited for the whole night. The next morning, he died. This fact shows that the evil spirits and rotten ghosts don’t respect lives. Dafa practitioners are saving sentient beings benevolently, but the evil spirits are taking away lives and pushing them to the Gate of No-life. This is a struggle over people's lives.

Dafa practitioners are different. Master said,

"Having said all this, I want to tell you that you don't have that problem, and I've completely sealed up for you the part of you that's been fully cultivated. If a Dafa disciple acts righteously, then nothing dares to enter the surface part that hasn't been fully cultivated yet. For one thing, old beings don't dare to disrupt the old cosmos's Fa, and another thing is that you have Master and you have Law-guardian Gods. If the attachments at your human-surface side aren't removed, then Master and the Law-guardian Gods are put in a tough position. But if your righteous thoughts are strong, then Master and the Law-guardian Gods can do anything for you." ("Fa-Lecture During the 2003 Lantern Festival at the U.S. West Fa Conference")

The Fa principles are clear. We should improve from the Fa’s standpoint and firmly believe in Master and the Fa.

This is my personal understanding, if it is not proper, please compassionately point it out and correct it.