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Kuang Heng’s Remarks on "Disasters and Unusual Phenomena" and "The Emperor Leads by Example"

August 12, 2006 |   By Qingyan

(Clearwisdom.net) Kuang Heng was a man of Cheng County in Donghai area during the Western Han Dynasty. He was eager to learn and had many insights into both history and current events. He was recommended to the emperor for his wisdom, capabilities, and superior knowledge of the I Ching, also known as The Book of Changes.

At that time, people believed that celestial changes correspond to affairs in the human world, especially in the events of solar eclipses and earthquakes. They believed that the heavens are always watching the good and bad things among humans, as well as their gains and losses. So when disasters happened, the emperor reflected on himself, inquiring whether these disasters and unusual phenomena were related to his performance.

Kuang Heng thought these disasters and unusual phenomena were related to the deteriorating morals in society. He wrote to the emperor:

"Confucius said, ‘If [an emperor] could govern with courtesy and modesty, governing the country would not be difficult.’ The imperial court is the backbone of society. If the officials are respectful and courteous to each other, then the common people will not fight amongst themselves. If the emperor is kind, just, and generous, then the people will not use violence. If the emperor admires great integrity, then the people will pay attention to virtue and their behaviors. If the emperor is gentle and tolerant, the people will care about each other. These four are reasons why an open-minded emperor does not need strict criminal penalties and yet can lead the people. On the other hand, if there are reckless and unreasonable arguments and behavior in the imperial court, there will be causes for conflict among the people. If the emperor is arbitrary and despotic, the people will not be courteous and modest. If there are court officials who seek to get ahead, the people will harm each other. If there are officials who are greedy for money and benefits, there will be thieves and robbers among the people. This is the fundamental reason for changes in society.

"Nowadays the country is governed by officials who have little capability or knowledge. They do not follow the principles of modesty and courtesy, and promote violence and rigidity instead. They set traps for others out of jealousy, seek monetary returns, and pursue power. As a result, many people break the law, and many evils run rampant. Even the strictest criminal penalties cannot change this situation. This is not due to their nature, but to bad directions from those in power."

"I have studied the book Guo Feng. I read that in history, Emperor Zhuang of the Zheng State was brave, so his people fought a tiger with their bare hands. Emperor Mu of the Qin State emphasized integrity, so his scholars followed him despite risking death. Madame Chen was fond of witchcraft, so the people spent a lot of money on funeral arrangements. Lord Jin was frugal, so his people accumulated wealth. Emperor Tai of the Zhou Dynasty was kind and just, so the people inside and outside his country both encouraged tolerance."

"We can see that the ruler of a country should promote an example that people can follow. Nowadays, hypocrisy, shallowness, jealousy, back-stabbing, and the extreme lack of modesty prevail. I heard that to widely provide guidance to the people does not require teaching everyone in their homes. As long as people with kindness and virtue are in high ranks, and capable people are placed in appropriate positions, the imperial court will have etiquette, and the people will enjoy respect and modesty. The teaching of morals starts from inside the imperial court to the outside, and starts with every individual. Then the people will know what principles to follow, and become kind-hearted naturally. This way, the people live in peace and happiness, the gods and spirits are in harmony, and auspicious phenomena will occur."

Kuang Heng further explained to the emperor the current problems and encouraged the emperor to promote kindness, etiquette, and good virtue. The emperor was pleased to hear it.

Now let’s take a look at Mainland China under the rule of the evil Chinese Communist Party. The people’s morality has declined tremendously, corruption is rampant, and everyone feels at risk. As a result, natural and man-caused disasters abound. Isn’t the CCP, which promotes falsehood, wickedness, and violence, dragging the ancient country of China into a land of no return? If one wants to stay away from disasters, one has to denounce the party. That is what one needs to do to be in harmony with the celestial changes.