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Li Xiuling and Other Practitioners from Shulan City are Illegally Arrested

August 10, 2006 |   By Jilin Dafa practitioner

(Clearwisdom.net) Dafa practitioners Li Xiuling from Shulan City, and Hu Tianchi and Chen Qinglan from Jishu Town, Jilin Province were recently arrested by the Shulan City 610 Office, the National Security Team, and the Security Office of Jishu Mining Bureau. They have all been sent to a brainwashing center.

On the morning of July 18, 2006, a group of policemen from the Shulan City 610 Office, the National Security Team, and Li Xiaoguang, the head of the Security Office of Jishu Mining Bureau, drove to Dafa practitioner Hu Tianchi’s office at the Transportation Division of Jishu Mining Bureau. Dafa practitioner Hu Tianchi had just arrived at the office when a gang of policemen grabbed her and abducted her. Seeing this, her colleagues and supervisor tried to persuade the police not to do this, saying that Hu’s work at the company was outstanding, and that the financial situation of the company would be greatly affected if she were to be arrested. However, a policeman from the Shulan City National Security Team retorted back in an outrageous tone, "Don’t talk to me anything about work!" They wholly disregarded the criticisms from Hu's colleagues and the passers-by and abducted her, taking her to the Xiangshui Reservoir in Jishu City, a brainwashing center. The next day, her colleagues and manager visited the brainwashing center and asked for Hu's release, but the request was rejected.

On the same day, the same group of police went to the home of Dafa practitioner Chen Qinglan in Jishu Town, and abducted her, taking her to the brainwashing center.

On July 20, policemen from the National Security Team of Shulan City, along with the local police station, arrested Dafa practitioner Li Xiuling and took her to the brainwashing center as well.

On July 18, Dafa practitioner Li Qiang from Jiaohe City was arrested and taken to the Xiangshui Reservoir brainwashing center. From the information provided by a colleague of an illegally arrested Dafa practitioner, the brainwashing center forced practitioners’ companies and the practitioners themselves to pay very high fees: 200 yuan/day for half a month, for a sum of 3000 yuan. This fee was demanded and forcibly taken. Grievances mushroomed everywhere in the companies as well as with all the related innocent people. Moreover, it has also greatly affected the lives of many of these families.

Related phone numbers of Shulan City, Jilin Province:

Brainwashing Center address: Xiangshui Reservoir Hotel in Jishu City (it is now renamed: Hometown Welfare House) 86-432-8821266,86-432-8812266

Head of the Security Section of Jishu Mining Bureau, Li Xiaoguang: 86-13804440658(Cell)

Director of

Shulan City 610 Office, Lu Yajiang: 86-432-8232345, 86-432-8218850, 86-13804440555(Cell)

Deputy Director: Fan Zhongxiao (extremely evil)

Shulan City Police Department

General Director, Li Shaobo: 86-432-8224808(Office), 86-432-8231063(Home), 86-13804441999(Cell)
Commissar, Li Wenxin: 86-432-8224739(Office), 86-432-8228100(Home), 86-13904445186(Cell)
Deputy Director, Zhang Guoxin: 86-432-8230606(Office), 86-432-8219988(Home), 86-13904445400(Cell)
Han Shuyu: 86-432-8235626(Office), 86-432-8225937(Home), 86-13904445363(Cell)
Zhang Yulin: 86-432-8218360(Office), 86-432-8224592(Home), 86-13904445501(Cell)
Zhu Zhaocheng: 86-432-8225280(Office), 86-432-8228999(Home), 86-13904440999(Cell)
Shulan City Public Department: 29 Shulan Street. Postal code: 132600
Office of General Director: 86-432-8224808
Office of Deputy Director: 86-432-8224793, 86-432-8218390, 86-432-8230606, 86-432-8235626
National Security Team: 86-432-8225509
Patrol Team: 86-432-8227300
Detention Centre: 86-432-8251265
Prison: 86-432-8251226

Criminal Investigation Team:

Team Leader Office: 86-432-8237561

Education Staff Office: 86-432-8232345