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Holland: Exposing the CCP's Atrocities in Amsterdam (Photos)

July 09, 2006 |   By a practitioner in Holland

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(Clearwisdom.net) On July 1, 2006, the Global Service Center for Quitting the Chinese Communist Party in Amsterdam, Holland, along with Falun Gong practitioners, held activities in Chinatown to support 11 million withdrawals from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), and to expose the CCP's harvesting and selling of organs taken from living Falun Gong practitioners for huge profit. Photos and posters exposing the CCP's persecution were also set up at the site to appeal to all circles in society to join together to stop the CCP's savage atrocities.

The eye-catching banners attracted many shoppers and tourists. People stopped to look at them and were astonished by the CCP's brutal crimes. They couldn't believe that worse things than what happened even in World War II are happening in China. After learning the facts, many people signed the petition calling on Holland's government to help stop these crimes.

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Falun Gong practitioners calling for an end to the CCP's persecution
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People stop to learn the facts

After viewing the truth-clarification photos, one woman told a practitioner her thoughts: "Their [the Falun Gong practitioners who are persecuted] distress is the sadness of each of us. I believe every kind person is willing to lend a hand to help them. We also know the CCP is very evil, and they can't conceal the fact that they are gangsters in front of the whole world."

A Chinese person from China said with deep emotion, "There's no law in mainland China. It's even difficult to be a good person. The CCP is close to collapsing. Who still believes in it? It brings only discredit to China."

A student from Canada came up to the practitioner and said excitedly, "I'm from Canada and studying in Amsterdam now. I hope to learn Falun Gong from you." A Falun Gong practitioner enthusiastically told her of the practice sites and times, and gave her some Dafa introductory materials. She accepted them as treasures, and thanked the practitioner many times.

An Internet reporter took many pictures after learning the facts of the persecution. He told the practitioners that he would write a report to let more people know about what is happening in China. Before leaving, he encouraged the practitioners, "We are with you, and will call for an end of the persecution together."