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Investigation Lead: Brainwashing Center Located Right Next to Hospital -- Coincidence or Deliberate Design?

July 07, 2006 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) I read the article "Dalian Environmental Protection Hotel is an Evil Den Where Dafa Practitioners are Persecuted." The article mentions that a practitioner saw a manhole cover in the grass in front of the Dalian Environment Protection Hotel. One could enter after lifting the lid. Several people wearing white uniforms went in and out of the manhole. This is highly suspicious, because the Dalian Medical University's No. 2 Hospital is only several yards away.

This detail reminds me of the organ transplants at that hospital that was recently published in the media:

The "Bandao Investigation" section on Page A10 of the May 24, 2006 issue of the Dalian Bandao Morning News published a report by correspondent Zang Chaogang. That reporter had interviewed patients at that hospital's Organ Transplant Center on May 22. Parts of what he learned during the interview reads as follows:

1. Mr. Ju Changyue is a patient from Dalian City suffering from late-stage liver cirrhosis. He was waiting for a donor organ at the hospital. He told the reporter that a donor organ had arrived but it didn't match his tissue type. It did match another patient who came to the hospital only three days ago. Ju Changyue's younger sister wanted to donate a part of her liver to him, but he didn't want her to go under the knife, so he decided to continue to wait for an outside donor liver.

In another patient room, the reporter met 59-year-old Mr. Lin suffering from terminal liver cancer. Mr. Lin said that he received a matching organ only ten days after he entered the hospital and was fortunate enough to squeeze onto the "transplant train." He was able to walk under his own power only three days after the surgery.

2. Wang Liming is the head of that Organ Transplant Center. He told the reporter that about 100 patients receive organ transplants in Dalian City each year. A considerable portion of the organs come from deceased donors, and some organs come from patients' family members.

3. In the end, the reporter learned from the Dalian City Red Cross that [organ] collection from cadavers of consenting individuals has not been developed in Dalian City in a real sense due to lack of legal support.

The above-cited information is a clear contradiction to what Wang Liming, head of the Organ Transplant Center, said about a considerable amount of organs coming from deceased donors. As the reporter learned from the Dalian City Red Cross, deceased donors are not a material source of organs. Yet, some patients who went to the Organ Transplant Center received matching livers in three or ten days. Where did these livers come from?

The Dalian Environmental Protection Hotel is located on the hillside of Xinghai Sanzhan in the Shahekou District of Dalian City. It's across a playground and the morgue from the main building of the No. 2 Hospital Affiliated with Dalian Medical University. Near the morgue is a building that has no clearly posted purpose. On that same hillside are lots of underground air-raid shelters dug during the 1960s and 1970s. It takes less than five minutes to walk from the Hotel to the No. 2 Hospital through the underground passage.

An October 10, 2005 article on the Minghui website reported that Falun Gong practitioner Li Hong from Zhuanghe was taken to the Dalian Environmental Protection Hotel for brainwashing. We hope that fellow practitioners in that area will follow up with her whereabouts.

According to a Dalian City newspaper article, the Dalian City Friendship Hospital performed numerous organ transplant surgeries between 2003 and 2005. A Liver Transplant Survivors' Association and a Kidney Transplant Survivors' Association were founded for former patients who had the surgeries at this hospital.