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Mr. Wang Shoushan is in Critical Condition Due to Persecution by Juxian 610 Office in Shandong Province

July 26, 2006 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) At around 10:00 a.m. on March 7, Liu Yanping, leader of the Juxian 610 Office, together with a 610 Officer named Zhao, and Wang Kuiyuan, the director of the Xiaodianzhen Police Station, broke into the Juxian Xiaodianzhen People's Hospital and illegally arrested Falun Dafa practitioner Wang Shoushan, who worked in the hospital as the director of the Chinese Medicine department.

They forced Mr. Wang to take them to his home. Liu Yanping and policeman Zhao searched the home, from bed to blanket, under the bed, and through all suitcases. They searched everywhere. They even stopped Mr. Wang's family member, Wei Yuqing, from entering the room. They made a total mess of Mr. Wang's home and confiscated his exercise music and lecture recordings, more than twenty truth clarifying audiotapes, more than ten CDs of NTDTV's Chinese New Year Gala, one copy of the Nine Commentaries on the Communist Party, about ten truth clarifying booklets, and twenty to thirty truth clarification photos. They also took away a 21-inch color TV (worth more than 2600 yuan), a VCD player (700 yuan), and a tape recorder/player (70 yuan).

Mr. Wang Shoushan was arrested and taken to the Juxian Detention Center and detained for 27 days. The 58 year-old man was forced to work from 6:00 in the morning until 6:00 in the evening, twelve hours per day. He was made to do jobs such as folding gloves, peeling onions, and cleaning peanuts. They did not give him enough food to eat during the entire time he worked. In the morning they gave him two small buns with cold water. At noon he got a single bun with water and two buns in the evening with cold water.

On the morning of April 2, they sent Mr. Wang to the Wangcun Second Forced Labor Camp in Shandong for six days for "transformation" (brainwashing). After several more days in the Shandong "Law Education Center," Mr. Wang was persecuted and was seriously harmed both physically and mentally. He felt very ill. On April 11, Mr. Wang was sent to the 83 Hospital for a check up and was diagnosed with liver cancer. But shirking their responsibilities, the hospital told Mr. Wang's work place to take him back on April 12.

Mr. Wang Shoushan had been very healthy before he was abducted. He was the main doctor in town, a well respected doctor who had treated many difficult illnesses and cured many seriously ill patients. Such a good doctor, only because he believes in "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance," has been persecuted and is now in terrible shape. All of this because of the wickedness of the 610 Office.

In order to cover up their crime, the Juxian 610 Office gave Mr. Wang two days of infusion treatment. But Mr. Wang's condition worsened. The dean of the hospital then took Mr. Wang to the Juxian Center Hospital and the medical tests showed that there was a malignant tumor of 10 x 8 cm. in size on the upper-right lobe of his liver. Everyone who knew Mr. Wang was surprised. They said, "Such a perfectly healthy person, in less than a month they turned him into a seriously ill patient. What did they do to him?"

In addition to the brainwashing, the authorities also persecuted him economically. They required 3000 yuan to be paid up front, and even forced his son to "accompany" him. Everyday costs for the two were about 100 yuan. Eleven days of brainwashing cost more than 1300 yuan. At the same time, the Juxian 610 Office also arrested his family member Wei Yuqing, who is also a Falun Dafa practitioner. She was put in the Juxian Detention Center for ten days, fined 1000 yuan, and forced to pay the daily cost of 20 yuan per day, totaling 200 yuan. The detention center also asked for "study materials" amounting to 5 yuan. Female Falun Dafa practitioner Feng Zaifang, from Xiaodianzhen Jinduncun, was also illegally arrested since she was "connected" to the case. She was detained for fifteen days and fined.

The Juxian 610 Office and its leader, Liu Yanping, persecute Falun Dafa practitioners. They cannot get away with their crimes, especially their persecution of Mr. Wang Shoushan, who was persecuted into such a pathetic condition.

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