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The Time I Neglected to Send Forth Righteous Thoughts

July 16, 2006 |  


The day before yesterday at 5:55 p.m., my alarm rang to remind me to send forth righteous thoughts. I was browsing the Internet at the time. Sitting on the chair, I crossed my legs, folded my hands in the Jieyin position and started sending forth righteous thoughts. However, I was unable to forget the material I was reading. My main conscience was not strong and my heart was affected. I opened my eyes to look at the screen and stopped folding my hands in the Jieyin position. Then I stopped crossing my legs. I made up an excuse, thinking: "It won't matter if I do not send forth righteous thought just this once." I completely gave up sending forth righteous thoughts and continued reading the material.

Soon I started sneezing and had a runny nose. The force of it was quite strong. I felt it was strange that I should be developing symptoms of a respiratory infection since I wasn't feeling cold.

Suddenly I realized that I had slacked off and didn't send forth righteous thoughts. The rotten ghosts had taken advantage of me. After I finished reading, I did the exercises and my symptoms lessened. In the evening, I sent forth righteous thoughts on time, at 11:55 p.m. The next day, my symptoms were almost gone.

This incident helped me to realize that sending forth righteous thoughts is very important. We should never think that it is not important whether we send forth righteous thought just because we cannot see the difference or we cannot feel anything.