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Persecution of Dafa Practitioners in Ward Eight of the Heilongjiang Province Women's Prison

July 14, 2006 |  


On September 5, 2003, Zhang Chunhua instigated the now-released criminal prisoners Wang Fengchun and Zhao Yan to tie practitioner Zhang Yanfang up with rope. They berated her, beat her and refused to allow her to sleep. Wang Fengchun ripped Zhang Yanfang's clothing to her knees. They used a wooden stick and plastic shoe to beat her, causing her to bleed from her arm. The next day, Zheng Jie hung her from a window frame. Male guard Wang shocked her wrists with an electric baton. They rubbed salt into Zhang’s injuries, subjecting her to intense pain.

On September 6, 2003 Zheng Jie tied Wang Aihua up at the office. Zheng did not loosen her until Wang’s heart problems surfaced. After a while, though, Zheng tied her up again. Zheng incited criminal prisoners three days later to drag Wang Aihua while running. They struck her using a police baton and a cane, punched and kicked her, and later handcuffed her to the window frame. Former practitioner Zhang Xiuli, who turned against Dafa, and a male guard shocked Wang Aihua’s neck and the sides of her breasts. At 3:30 p.m. Zhang Xiuli had others hang Wang up in the cell. Criminals Huang He and Zhu Yuhong were instructed to beat her with a bamboo stick. Female guard Gui Nana handed a bunch of handcuffs to the criminals, thus enabling them to handcuff whomever they wanted. They hung Wang from the window frame and tortured her the whole night. Wang was not allowed to sleep, and whenever she closed her eyes, she would be beaten. Criminal prisoner Zhu Yuhong tortured practitioner Zhou Chunzhi and injured Zhou’s lower back, to the point where Zhou could not move. Seeing this, the guards went over to torture Wang Aihua. They took off her trousers and struck her buttocks. Li Guixiang beat Wang Aihua mercilessly and then poured salt water into her wounds and used toothpicks to stab her. Wang’s body was covered with deep bruises. The perpetrators forced her to write the three statements, physically abusing her further when she refused.

Guard Zhang Xiuli shocked An Ling with an electric baton to force An Ling to run, causing her to pull a muscle. Under Zhang Chunhua's orders, criminal prisoner Wang Fengchun and others used needles to prick An Ling’s feet. In the evening they tied up her hands and feet to torture her.

Male guard Wang Liang struck Yuan Shuzen with a hard plastic baton for more than half an hour. Her ears were bloodied by it. Even now her hearing is limited. In the meantime, practitioners Qin Shuzhen, Lu Yujun and Yu Fengying were forced to assume the pose of "flying an airplane" for over four hours. Ma Shuhua could not walk later on as a result. On August 15, 2003, guard Gui Nana ordered criminal prisoner Zhao Yan and others to tie up Ma Shuhua in the bathroom. Zhang Chunhua beat and verbally abused her, and used adhesive tape to tape her mouth shut. Criminal Cai Lin, Du Lijun and others, six people in all, were instructed to drag Ma Shuhua while running, in three shifts. Ma’s feet bled from broken blisters and having been stepped on by persecutors wearing heels. They dragged her while running in the day and put her on the concrete floor at night without letting her sleep for eleven days. Ma Shuha’s feet were swollen, and blood and pus made her socks stick to the shoes. Two weeks later, all of her toenails came off and her feet had become black and blue, with two gaping, infected holes.

Practitioner Jia Shuying was transferred to Ward Eight on February 15 and was monitored day and night. Criminal Wang Jianping struck her, and Jia Shuying was beaten more when trying to stop Wang. Police Zhang Xiuli put Jia into a separated cell for additional punishment, and forced her to run. Jia refused. Xiao Lin dragged her into the room and slapped her in the face. Xiao kicked Jia on her lower ribcage, making it impossible for Jia Shuying to sleep well for over a month. Several male guards beat her in turn. She was tied up and left on the concrete floor at night. Wang Fengchun sat on Jia’s leg and stabbed her feet with a needle until she lost consciousness. The blood stuck to her socks, and the injuries made it difficult for her to even walk. Later, Jia was hung from the window frame. Wang Fengchun and Huang He kneed Jia in the groin, causing her to cry out in pain. Wang Fengchun, Li Guixiang, Huang He and Zhu Yuhong tied Jia up in a position called "holding a sword in the back" and lifted her up with batons. After about ten minutes, Jia was covered in sweat from the pain.

Four or five male guards dragged Piao Shuying upstairs and tortured her by hanging her from the window frame. Other guards watched and laughed in amusement. Later, Piao was hung from the window frame. Wang Fengchun and Huang He used a wooden stick to hit Piao’s private areas and kneed her in the groin. The handcuffs dug into the flesh, and the scar is still there. Four of Piao’s toenails were torn off.

Zhu Yuhong handcuffed practitioner Zhou Chunzhi and used all manner of cruel methods to torture her. Fifty-eight-year-old Zhou Chunzhi hurt her lower back and could not move. She was handcuffed on the window frame and cried for a whole night because of the pain from the torture. The next day she was dragged out and tortured again. Wang Liang shocked her head with electric batons and forced her to run. If she would not run, they would physically abuse her. She was hit with a water bottle, and struck on the head with a hard plastic pipe. She was also forced to stand against a wall for long periods of time.

Guard Wang Jinnan incited criminal prisoner Guo Shuxian to gag Wang Jianping and forced her to write the "four statements." Wang Liang shocked her chest, back, and knees. After hanging her up for the entire morning, Xiao Lin dragged Wang by her hair for more than twenty meters. Then Wang was hung up for several hours. She was forbidden to sleep or go to the restroom for eleven days, all while she was handcuffed.

Gui Nana urged Wang Wei to seal Jin Jianping’s mouth and hung up her by her arm with nylon rope. She was hung upside down for half an hour. She was not released until she lost consciousness. Gui Nana forced Wang Jianping to write the "four statements," and stabbed Wang with a needle when she refused. Zhang Chunhua asked Li Guixiu whip Wang Jianping’s feet with a hard plastic pipe. Her feet became bruised and swollen. Wang had difficulty walking but was compelled to run. She was pulled more than 20 meters. She had open wounds, to which sand stuck. The guard hung her up and beat her some more. This lasted for eleven days. Gui Nana laughed gleefully while watching Huang He and Li Guixiang stomping on Wang's feet. Wang’s face, chest and injured feet were shocked with an electric baton. Criminal prisoner Wang Fengchun kneed her in the groin. The male guard standing to the side did not stop her, but laughed loudly.

Wang Shuzhen was forbidden to eat in the daytime and prevented from sleeping at night. Her mind was not clear as a result. When she refused to write the four statements, criminal prisoner Wang Wei slapped her in the face.

The guards did not give Xu Youqin enough food and forbade her to sleep. Wang Fengchun used wooden and plastic shoes to beat her mercilessly for eleven days. Xu lost consciousness as a result of the beatings. Later, she was forced to run for long periods of time in the daytime and sit in the same position at night. This lasted for more than two months.

Zhao Yan and Wang Fengchun beat Li Caiying to the point of her becoming incontinent.

Once, Gui Nana and Xiao Lin ordered the practitioners to sing a certain song. When they refused, Gui and Xiao started to beat them. They ordered criminal Li Guihong to hit the practitioners in the chin. Three of her front teeth came loose. Most of the practitioners were struck in the face and had bad bruises on their faces. Xiao Lin dragged Jia Shuying to one side and beat her mercilessly.

In mid-September, Guan Yingxin, Zhang Shuzhe, Wang Hongjie, Ding Yu, Tian Guiqing and Li Yushu were beaten in their cells. After force-feeding the practitioners, criminals Guan Yingxin and Tian Guiqing fixed wooden sticks into the shape of a cross. Six people were tied on the cross, back to back. They were forbidden to sleep. If they closed their eyes, a guard or prisoner would pry at their eyelids with a toothpick. They also used syringes to inject water into the eyes. Criminal prisoner Song Libo added excess salt when force-feeding. The feeding tube was only removed once a week. When it was pulled out, the end that was in the stomach was black.

On September 11, Zhang Chunhua deceived practitioner Zhao Xin and Liu Lihua into going to the exercise yard. Song Libo, who weighs more than 170 pounds, sat on Zhao Xin, making it hard for her to breathe. Guard Niu Tianyang kicked Zhao in the mouth and inserted a shoe pad into Liu Liping’s mouth. They used adhesive tape to seal their mouths shut. After being tortured, they were detained in individual small cells.

In December 2003, Han Ying, Yan Huijuan and Wang Xiuli were tortured by being forced to remain squatting for long periods of time, with both hands cuffed. Criminal prisoner Niu Yuhong used needles to stab Yan Huijuan’s feet and then the rest of her body. She also punched and kicked Yan. Han Ying suffered heart problems from the torture.

At the beginning of 2004, prison ward head Zheng Jie and Zhang Chunhua dragged practitioners Lv Yinghua and Zhang Yanfang to work. Lv was handcuffed and forced to sit on the ground for more than one month. On March 8, Lv Yinghua was hung up with her toes not touching the ground. She started getting cramps after one hour. The handcuffs ruptured a tendon in her wrist, and her hands remained swollen for over three months. During the second half of June and July, Zheng Jie tortured Lv Yinghua and Gao Jiabo with squatting, hanging up, slapping in the face, and kicking with leather shoes. Their mouths were covered with adhesive tape, and this lasted eleven days. Later, Lv was detained in an individual small cell for 80 days.

On the seventh day of the lunar year 2004, Li Guirong and Zhang Chunhua, who were division heads at the time, gave orders to drag Feng Xiujuan, Han Ying, Lv Yinghua, Wang Xiuli, Zhou Chunling, Yan Huijuan, Du Jinglan, Lan Hongying and Li Xiuying from the second floor prison building to the third floor workshop. They covered up Li Xiuying's mouth. Zhang Chunhua pulled Feng Xiujuan’s hair and pinched her mouth. Criminal prisoner Xue Ying punched and kicked her. Xia Jinghua tortured Han Ying. Li Xiuying’s back was covered with blood due to being dragged on the ground. Three officials were responsible for implementing the persecution. Criminal prisoners Du Meina, Zhao Yan, Huang He, Fan Xiaohua (released), Wu Yanmin (released) and others used handcuffs to link three people into a group. Some were handcuffed with their hands behind their backs. Some were forced to remain squatting for long periods of time. Practitioners who went on hunger strikes had their cotton trousers removed and had to sit on the floor with the window open. Shang Xiaomei tuned the mouth opener to the biggest setting during the forced feeding and did not pull it out for half an hour. Lan Hongying bled profusely from the nose during the force-feeding, and even then she still remained handcuffed.

On March 2, 2004, Zhang Chunhua told criminal prisoner Zhao Yanhua to deceive Li Xiuhua into going to the office. The criminal gagged her, handcuffed her hands behind her back and detained her in a separate cell. Zhang Shuzhe, Ding Yu and Liu Liping were also locked up in individual small cells. Instructor Wang and another male guard entered the small cell. Wang kicked Liu Liping's chest. She had her hands cuffed behind her back day and night, and was only allowed four bathroom breaks a day.

Li Xiuhua went on a hunger strike and was later detained in an individual small cell. She was handcuffed near the restroom onto a metal fence. Shang ordered a criminal prisoner to monitor her and to not pull out the feeding tube. Li was in extreme pain. She suffered extreme distress and continually vomited. The tube was pulled out two weeks later. The part that had been inserted in the stomach had changed color. Li could not walk under her own power. The prison doctor came twice for emergency treatment. In April, the small cell was damp and cold. Li, who was very weak, requested additional clothing to keep warm. Her request was not granted until ten days later.

Liu Liping, Zhang Shuzhe and Ding Yu refused to cooperate with the barbaric force-feeding. They were handcuffed onto the Tiger Bench. They didn’t even have the opportunity to go to the restroom and had to relieve themselves into their clothing. Liu Liping had her menstrual period and needed sanitary supplies. Instead, Liu was not even allowed to change her soiled trousers. This situation was reported many times to small cell head Liu Zhiqiang, but he tolerated the guards and criminals' violating the regulations and laws. Li Xiuhua had scabies and was detained in the small cell for 51 days. Liu Liping, Zhang Shuzhe and Ding Yu were detained in small cell for over eight months. Lv Yinghua was detained for more than five months.

On March 10, Dafa practitioners refused to put on the prison uniform as a way to protest illegal detention in the small cells. Guard Zhang Chunhua brought back more than twenty criminal prisoners from the workshop. Criminal prisoners Song Libo, Zhao Yanhua, Liu Li (released), and Zhu Yuhong (released) took the lead to remove the practitioners' shirts and bras. Zhang Chunhua dragged Lu Yufang by her hair to the washroom and tied her up. She also slapped Qin Shuzhen’s face repeatedly. Qin was punished by having to sit on the floor for over two months. The following practitioners’ clothing above the waist were all stripped off: Du Yu Ling, Ni Shuzhi, Zhou Chunzhi, Gao Xiufang, Ma Shuhua, Li Caiying, Wu Meiyan, An Ling, Xie Xiuying, Yu Fengying, Xu Youqin, Wang Jianping, Qin Shuzhen, Zhao Shuling, Lu Yujun, Wang Xiuyue, Li Xiuru and Wang Jianping. Zhang Chunhua and Gui Nana led criminals Song Libo, Zhao Yanhua and others to hang practitioners up. Wang Jianping was handcuffed at the highest point of a wooden ladder. Her chest was injured and bled for more than four months.

On March 13, Zhang Chunhua was on duty. Zhang hung up 66-year-old Wang Xiuyue, with only the toes touching the ground, for three hours. Wang lost consciousness and suffered incontinence. Shang Xiuying was hung up by the bed from 7 p.m. to 6 a.m. the next morning. She had to relieve herself into her clothing. Zhou Chunzhi was also hung up and hand her hands cuffed behind her back. Criminals handcuffed the following practitioners’ hands behind their backs and hung them up: Zhang Yanfang, Wang Hongjie, Wang Juyan, Piao Yingshu, Guan Yingxin, Wang Shuling, Ren Shuxian, Li Yushu, Zhao Xin, Jia Shuying, Wang Aihua, Zhang Shuqin and others, twelve people in all. Zhang Shufeng was hung up with only her toes touching the ground from 3 p.m. to 8 p.m. The next day, Zhang was handcuffed with her hands behind her back from 6 a.m. till 9 p.m. Zheng Jie, Zhang Chunhua, Li Tieli, Zhang Guizhi, Cai Xiuyun and Xu Shunmei all wanted to handcuff Dafa practitioners, but they resisted. The criminals overwhelmed them by brute force and handcuffed them for three days and three nights. The practitioners’ feet were swollen and red spots appeared all over them. Zhang Shuqin fell unconscious several times. Piao Yingshu and Zhang Shuqin suffered severe cramps after being let down. They were in a cold sweat and their lips turned purple. Jia Shuying’s legs were badly swollen and turned purple, and she nearly lost consciousness. Wang Cemgyan fell unconscious while being hung up. Police Xu Meng handcuffed the following practitioners in the cells: Ren Shuxian, Zhang Yanfang, Li Xiubi, Wang Cengyan, Jia Shuying, Guan Yingxin, Wang Aihua, Piao Yingshu, Zhang Shuqin, Li Yushu and Zhao Xin. They were banned from sleeping in a bed for four and half months.

Shang Xiaomei inserted a tube into Du Ling’s nostrils and pulled it back and forth, causing Du’s nose and mouth bleed profusely and become swollen and painful. Once when the guards were force-feeding Du, blood flowed back out the tube. There was also blood in her mouth. Du was hung up and handcuffed with the hands behind the back for one day and one night. Bloody spots could be seen all over Du’s body. Du was not released until it looked like she was about to die. Wu Meiyan suffered internal bleeding due to the tube being inserted into the stomach. She coughed up blood and was reduced to skin and bones before she was released.

Other practitioners who had to endure being handcuffed with the hands behind the back and being hung up were Xu Youqin, Ma Shuhua, Yu Fengying, Li Caiying, Lu Yujun, Zhao Shuling, Wang Jianping, Wang Jianping, Zhou Chunzhi, Wu Meiyan, An Ling, Du Yuling, Xie Xiuying, Ni Chunzhi and Wang Xiuyue.

On January 17, 2006 Liu Zhiqiang and Xiao Lin used nine criminal prisoners to seal the door to the cell. They deprived practitioners of sleep for 24 hours. They used obscene tactics to humiliate and physically abuse Dafa practitioners. Four prisoners were directed to sexually assault the practitioners.

One of the criteria for becoming a "Model Prisoner" at this prison is to have participated in the persecution of Falun Gong.

The evildoing guards in Heilongjiang Women’s Prison include: Wang Xing, Chu Shuhua, Cong Xin, Xu Longjiang, Liu Zhiqiang, Zheng Jie, Zhang Chunhua, Wang Yali, Zhang Xiuli, Xiao Lin and Gui Nana.