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Stories of Master Teaching the Fa in Wuhan City

July 10, 2006 |   By a Dafa Disciple in Wuhan City

(Clearwisdom.net) It is my great honor to be a Dafa Disciple in Wuhan City, since our Master taught the Fa personally in Wuhan, Hubei Province five times. But I also feel much regret because I did not have the chance to listen to the lectures taught by Master personally. I started my cultivation in early 1996. At around the start of my cultivation, many practitioners told me some stories about Master's teaching the Fa in Wuhan. I would like to write about them and share them with my fellow practitioners.

Before one lecture began, a little girl told the audience how Master had cured her disease. She thanked Dafa for giving her a second life because she had suffered from leukemia and went to almost all the best hospitals in China trying to find a cure. Her family had spent a lot of money but it was useless. Her health was deteriorating, until finally she found Master Li, and then her disease disappeared and her health unbelievably recovered.

Once just after Master finished a lecture, a "very skilled qigong master" came up to Master asking why Master gave everyone in the audience a Falun except for him. Master smiled and told him, "Every one sitting here bought a ticket. Only you did not, so no loss no gain...." Because this man had a little bit of supernormal ability, he could make himself invisible and no one had seen him when he entered the lecture site without a ticket.

In September 1993, Master held the third lecture series in Hubei Finance University, which is close to Yue Ma Plaza in Wuhan. Another well-known qigong "master" at that time was also holding his class nearby. That so-called qigong "master" was possessed by an animal and did his best to interfere with Master's teaching. As a result of his trouble-making, that man went to vomit blood in the washroom as soon as he finished his lecture. He had planned to hold two seminars in Wuhan, but after that event, he stealthily fled Wuhan even before finishing one. The story was widely spread among the qigong practitioners in Wuhan, and even the administrative level of the qigong association knew about it.