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Accounts of Two Practitioners Denied Medical Treatment by the Prisons in Which They Are Being Persecuted

June 07, 2006 |   By a practitioner in Heilongjiang Province

(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioners Mr. Bai Shijun and his wife are from the Songling area of Daxing'anling area in Heilongjiang Province. On January 19, 2005, they were distributing truth clarifying materials in Linhai County, Xinlin. Somebody reported them to the police, who then illegally arrested and detained them. In October 2005, Mr. and Mrs. Bai were each sentenced to four years in prison. That same month, Mr. Bai was detained and persecuted at Tailai Prison in Heilongjiang Province. Now he is being detained in the No. 3 Squad of the No.2 Brigade.

On April 24, 2006, Bai Yulong, Mr. Bai Shijun's son, received a phone call from Tailai Prison. He was told that his father's health was very precarious and that he should be prepared to take his father home for medical treatment. When Bai Yulong went to the prison to see his father, he found him panting heavily after taking only a few steps. Mr. Bai, who used be very healthy, has now developed serious kidney failure, heart problems, and other sicknesses. His whole body is swollen.

When Mr. Bai Shijun was detained, he showed symptoms of many kinds of illnesses. Because of this, he could hardly fall asleep during the night or move about during the day to build up his health. Other cell mates complained to the police about him. Lin Xiaohai, one of the prison guards, assaulted Mr. Bai without even asking any questions or giving any reason. As a result, Mr. Bai's health suddenly became much worse. The prison had to call his family. When his son, Bai Yulong, came to the prison, the head of the No. 3 Squad told him that he needed to go through the necessary formalities to take his father out of the prison temporarily for medical treatment. He needed to submit a 1,000 yuan medical examination fee and also a 2,500-yuan guarantee that his father would return to the prison. Then they told Bai Yulong to go home and wait to hear from the prison.

On May 1, worried about his father's condition, Bai Yulong went to visit him in the prison again. He discovered that the prison had not submitted his father's health report to the next level as part of the process of applying for temporary leave from the prison for medical treatment. He was again told to return home and wait for news. On May 8, Bai Yulong and other relatives went to the prison again to visit Mr. Bai Shilong, but their request was turned down. The prison officials presented a document from the Provincial government saying that, because of an epidemic inside the prison, the family was not permitted to see Bai Shijun. When his relatives questioned the police about Bai's condition, the police told them that he was not receiving any medical treatment in any hospital but was being detained in a cell.

By May 8, the prison still hadn't reported Mr. Bai Shijun's seriously bad health to their superiors so that he could leave the prison temporarily for medical treatment. When his family members negotiated with the prison, the prison made lots of excuses and said that they were going through certain formalities that prolonged the process. All Bai Shijun's family could do was to wait anxiously. According to the law, if a person who is detained in prison shows symptoms of sickness while being detained, all the costs for medical examinations and treatment should be borne by the prison where the person is detained. However, the prison wanted Bai Shijun's family to pay those costs. Bai Yulong has already lost his job because the place where he used to work has closed. He doesn't even know how to support himself, let alone how to save enough money to help his father.

It's been a month since the prison notified Bai Shijun's family members to apply for his temporary leave from the prison for medical treatment, but nothing has happened. We are really worried about his health condition.

In addition, Mr. Yi Fuquan, a practitioner from Shuangcheng, is being detained in the No. 2 Brigade in the No. 8 District in the prison. Due to the persecution, his left hand muscles have withered and he cannot use his hand to do any work. His family asked to take him out of the prison temporarily for medical treatment, but their request was refused. Mr. Pan Hong Dong, a practitioner from Qiqiha'er, was persecuted to death on May 15, 2005, at Tailai Prison. His body showed many bruises. There were bloodstains at the corners of his mouth and in his ears and nostrils. On his chest, there were a round bruises. Many bloodstains could be found on his back and leg.

Tailai Prison of Heilongjiang Province:

Warden: 86-452-8229203

Discipline Inspection Commission, Supervision: 86-452-8225504

Secretary of Discipline Inspection: 86-452-8229207

Procuratorate, branch office at Tailai Prison: 86-452-55120398

Tailai Prison: 86-452-82345377, 86-452-8237256, 86-452-88229376, 86-452-82255147, 86-452-8237274, 86-452-8237943

Wanden Zhao Rubin: 86-452-8229203

Secretary of Discipline Inspection: 86-452-8239203

Yang Xiuhong, the head of No. 8 district of the jail: 86-452-8238143(Office), 86-13514679200(Cell)

Li Weiming, the head of No. 2 Brigade

Wang Jingkai, the head of National Security Squad of Longling Area of Daxing'anling

Li Depsheng, the deputy head of National Security Squad of Longling Area of Daxing'anlingNational Security Squad of Longling Area of Daxing'anling: 86-457-3323451(Home), 86-13945702250(Cell)

May 20th, 2006