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Officials from Tiantanghe Women's Labor Camp and Daxing District Court Try to Cover Up the Crime of Ms. Wu Junying's Death from Torture

June 03, 2006 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Falun Dafa practitioner Ms. Wu Junying lived in Dayouzhuang Village, Jiugong Town in the Daxing District of Beijing. She started cultivating in 1999 and went to Beijing to validate Falun Dafa in August 1999. She was sentenced to three years of forced labor. She continued to clarify the truth, expose the persecution, and help fellow practitioners after being released from the labor camp.

On December 27, 2005, Daxing District State Security agents, led by the village head, arrested Ms. Wu from her home. They took away a large amount of Falun Dafa truth clarifying materials, books, electronic books, an MP3 player, and a computer worth more than 8,000 yuan. The authorities could not reach their goal after detaining her for more than three months, so they sent her to the Tiantanghe Women's Labor Camp on March 29, 2006. Ms. Wu Junying was tortured to death within 48 hours after arriving at the camp. In order to cover up their crime, the camp administration sent her dead body to Renhe Hospital in the Daxing District. They lied and said to her family that she was very sick with a stroke.

When asked, the camp administration refused to show Ms. Wu Junying's emergency treatment record, the doctors' names, or contact information. They also refused to provide any information on how Ms. Wu was guarded during her 48 hours in the camp.

Now the camp administration and Daxing District Court are trying to pay her family 12,000 yuan in "Financial Assistance" to buy their silence, hoping that her family will sign a regular death certificate. Ms. Wu Junying' family has absolutely refused. The authorities are trying with all their might to have her body cremated.