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610 Office of Shouguang City Persecutes Zhang Keliang and his Wife Wang Zhongyun

June 26, 2006 |  


At around 4 p.m. on February 4, 2005, Li Tongzhong from the 610 Office of Shouguang City in Shandong Province and more than 10 others went to the home of Zhang Keliang in Houpuli Village and arrested him and his wife Wang Zhongyun.

After the police entered the village, they surrounded Mr. Zhang’s home, blocked the paths into and out of the village and began to search for the couple. During the illegal search, the policemen ransacked the couple’s home. The 80-year-old mother of Mr. Zhang Keliang and his 10-year-old young daughter were so frightened that they were trembling. One policeman even blamed this young girl for not telling them where her parents were. He punched the girl, almost knocking her to the ground. Five or six policemen (including Liu Zhushen, Guo Hongtang, and Ma Wenhe) used a confiscated key to open the door to Mr. Zhang Keliang’s home and did not follow any legal procedure to ransack Mr. Zhang’s home.

During an illegal interrogation session, the policemen used torture to force them to confess. The police stripped off all of Mr. Zhang Keliang’s clothes, handcuffed Mr. Zhang’s hands behind his back, tied up his feet with electric wires and used Mr. Zhang’s winter coat to wrap up his head. Three policemen (Zhao Chunli, Liu Zhushen and Ma Wenhe) stepped on Mr. Zhang’s head and back and used high voltage electric batons to shock his whole body. They shocked his throat, nipples and genitals. They poured water on Mr. Zhang’s head and used an electric baton to shock his Baihui point (an acupuncture point at the top the head). They also inserted cigarettes into his two nostrils and burned his back with burning cigarettes, slapped him on the face, struck him with a belt, and beat him. They did this continuously for over 10 hours, from 5 p.m. to 3 a.m. the next morning.

Mr. Zhang Keliang’s back and spine were fractured again. (In December 2001, his back was fractured and his kidney was injured by Sang Hanli and four policemen from the Wenjia Street Police Station in Shouguang City). When he and his wife's stint at the detention center, not even their friends could recognize them. Mr. Zhang Keliang walked abnormally, his face was swollen and missing skin on the left side. He had several deep scars on his right chin about 3 cm long, which appeared to be burn wounds, and he had deep burn marks on his throat. Mr. Zhang Keliang’s wife was disheveled and her forehead was badly bruised. Even after they were physically abused like that, they were still sent to the Shouguang Detention Center. Later on, they were sent to the Weifang Brainwashing Center for further persecution. Before they were sent from the detention center to the brainwashing center in Weifang City, half of Wang Zhongyun’s body was immobilized. She needed other detainees to carry her in a stretcher for a physical examination or interrogation. Even after they had been persecuted to such an extent, Mr. and Mrs. Zhang were still forcibly sent to a brainwashing center in Weifang City.

When they left the brainwashing center of Weifang City, Mr. and Mrs. Zhang were very skinny and appeared deformed. Mr. Zhang Keliang had lost almost all of his hair at the top of his head, where he had been shocked with electric batons. He had bruises and injuries all over his body, and his back was hunched over. He became paralyzed and lost his ability to work. Ms. Wang Zhongyun’s face was wax yellow, her eyesight was fuzzy and she could no longer see clearly. She was paralyzed on half of her body. Their family now lives in poverty and has to rely on assistance from relatives and friends.

Below are some members of the "610 Office" in Shouguang City that have participated in the persecution:

Zhao Chunli (lives at the residential area of Chengqu Police Station in Shouguang City and has been transferred to the security section of the appeals office of Shouguang City): 5234998 (Home)

Ma Wenhe (lives at the residential area of Shouguang City Police Department and at his hometown, Niutou Erfeng Village in Shouguang City): 5298300 (Home)

Liu Zhushen

Cheng An’gang, the director of the 610 Office of Shouguang City

Li Tongzhong, the deputy director of the 610 Office of Shouguang City (driver: Xia Xuehu)