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I Am Finally Practicing Falun Gong Exercises Regularly

June 24, 2006 |  

Greetings Esteemed Master and Fellow Practitioners

I would like to share with you how I finally began to regularly do the exercises, which was not until after cultivating for six years.

I attained Dafa after the persecution started. Thus, I immediately began cultivating on the Fa rectification path. Because I was one of the few Westerners in my area, and my skills were sorely needed at the time, I quickly became familiar with VIP and media work, writing, polishing and so on. I often felt sad because I never had the opportunity to leisurely study the Fa and practice the exercises. I was overwhelmed, given my work schedule, the amount of Dafa work I had to do and the amount of reading. I could not imagine how to fit in a regular exercise practice schedule into my already busy schedule. After we began sending forth righteous thoughts, I understood that I had to do the three things well and did not view the exercises as an important part of it. It seemed to me that many of my fellow-cultivators had similar understandings.

After every Fahui I would promise myself that I would practice the exercises every day. But soon my determination would be overshadowed by time constraints. After I returned from Los Angeles at the end of February 2006, I was again determined to do the exercises regularly. I also realized that I hadn’t shared my experience at a Fahui for over 4 years. I always believed that I had too many attachments and that I was at too low-a-level for sharing cultivation experiences. How could anything I had to share compare with the mature understandings of so many other practitioners? This thought was a cover for my attachments to fame, reputation and competition. I felt threatened by the thought of having to expose my cultivation level for all to see. I have always cared a great deal about what others think of me, and although I have improved much, there are still many levels of this attachment left to let go. Since everything is reversed at higher levels wouldn’t exposing my level be a good thing, even if some people thought it was low. What a wonderful opportunity to cultivate!