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Malaysia: Practitioners Win Spirit Award in Dragon Boat Match (Photos)

June 16, 2006 |   By a practitioner from Malaysia

(Clearwisdom.net) To celebrate May 5th Day (Lunar calendar), the "Malacca Dragon Boat Promoting Association" hosted the 23rd anniversary of the Dragon Boat Match along the banks of Malacca River. Twelve teams participated in the event, including teams from neighbor Singapore. Falun Gong practitioners from Malaysia took part in it with two teams, one of men and the other of women, this marking their fifth time participating in the event.

Chair of the "Malacca Dragon Boat Promoting Association Dato' Wong Shu Tong issued the "Spirit Award" to the women Falun Gong practitioners' team

The match started at 8:30 a.m., and practitioners arrived at the site at 6:00 a.m. and started to set up a stand to introduce Falun Dafa. They rented three tents for truth clarification and exercise demonstration. One of the tents was for displaying truth clarification materials, Falun Dafa books and paper folded lotus flowers. On one side of the tent hung a banner of "Journey of Returning" with a picture of Falun Dafa being widely introduced in earlier days in China. While on the other two tents, the practitioners put up "Falun Dafa is Good" with pictures of practitioners doing the exercises. The harmonious pictures showed the purity of Dafa to the visitors. Practitioners demonstrated the exercises in the tents. Their beautiful movements, accompanied with the peaceful music, really touched the audience deeply.

Falun Dafa Fa-spreading stand
People learn about the facts

Many people came to practitioners’ tents to learn the facts and requested related materials, including dragon boat sailors. Practitioners introduced the Chinese Communist regime’s persecution against Falun Gong and the CCP's atrocities of organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners. Many of the visitors learned the truth, and they extended their sincere sympathy to the Chinese practitioners under persecution, and signed the petition to oppose the persecution. Some even showed interest in the practice of Falun Gong and bought related books.