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Noble Teacher, Magnificent Dafa

June 01, 2006 |   By a practitioner in Shandong Province

(Clearwisdom.net) Teacher introduced Dafa in Guanxian, Shandong Province, during the winter of 1992. Teacher arrived in Guanxian on November 12, 1992. He stayed at the Guanxian Hotel, held a seminar on the 13th, and treated illness for the public on the 14th. I wanted Teacher to treat my illness when I heard he was coming, and I felt that my body enlarged like a balloon after this thought.

My husband told me to go to the meetings on my bicycle. What surprised me was that I had dreamed of Teacher several months prior. Teacher asked me to close my eyes when he cleansed my body. He touched my body and I felt very hot and sweat profusely.

I was cured of all my illnesses at that time. Teacher asked me to ride the bicycle, and people applauded loudly. They witnessed the miracle. I felt like a lost child who found her mother again.

On November 16, 1992, Teacher began to teach the Fa and the exercises. After the first seminar, I thought that what Teacher taught was not ordinary qigong, but instead principles at a high level. I understood that Teacher was here to save people. I decided to tell more people about Falun Dafa. Since that time, I told everyone about Dafa's magnificence and my personal experiences. This was instrumental in many people learning the practice.

After the persecution began, I escaped danger many times because of Teacher's compassionate care. And each experience witnessed the principle of "By having your heart unaffected you will be able to handle all situations." ("Eliminate your Last Attachments" from Essentials for Further Advancement II)

One day in July 1999, leaders at my work unit asked me to attend a so-called "instructive meeting," and asked me to defame Teacher and Dafa. The 610 Office put great pressure on the leaders of my work unit and said that I had to attend. I just held one firm thought, "I would never attend such a meeting." I would feel miserable for Teacher if I went to that meeting. How could I listen to defamation of Teacher and Dafa? After this thought I witnessed a miracle -- I sat on the sofa as if paralyzed, and could not move my body. I knew that Teacher was protecting me. I called and told them what was happening to me. The ordeal ended without further problems.

On November 23, 2001, the police harassed me using the excuse that some practitioners had betrayed me. That day, director Hao Pei of the Guanxian Police Station, and director Ma Zhenhu of the 610 Office sent police to my home. They broke into my house, arrested me and took me to the police station for questioning. I didn't cooperate. Therefore, they took me to Liaocheng Jail. Upon arriving there, the gate of the jail would not open. I remembered the time when a practitioner was confronted by a policeman while delivering copies of Teacher's recent articles. He asked Teacher for help and in an instant he was dozens of miles away. I could have escaped at that time since they were busy fixing the gate, but I was afraid of becoming homeless if I ran away. I didn't want to leave Guanxian. After we entered the jail, the guard didn't want to take me in. He asked if I was ill. I said that I was a practitioner and I was healthy.

After the policemen left, the guard said, "Why didn't you say that you were ill? If you had done so, we would have had a reason not to accept you and you could have gone home." I realized that I didn't understand clearly the incident and asked for Teacher's help. I thought that I could not stay in the jail and I did not want to leave my hometown. I wanted to validate the Fa in a dignified and upright manner. This thought changed the situation. I fainted and fell to the ground when they interrogated me. I lost more than twenty pounds in several days because of the torture and lost my consciousness several times. The jail didn't want me to die there and informed the Guanxian Police Station to take me back. The next day, they took me to the hospital. The hospital said that I needed to stay there. The 610 Office monitored me while I was there. Afterwards, I could not move and they sent me back to my work unit. Staff at the work unit took me to my family.

The police still wanted to persecute me. On March 5, 2003, the 610 Office of Guanxian demanded that I be arrested, and they were ordered to keep me even if it would mean my death. Although it was snowing hard that day, they arrested me and took me on a stretcher to the detention center. The next day, they took me to Jinan Women's Labor Camp and planned to sentence me to three years of forced labor. I sent forth righteous thoughts on the way and recited Teacher's poem "Righteous Thoughts and Righteous actions,"

"A Great Enlightened Being does not fear hardship
Having forged an adamantine will
And with no attachment to living or dying
He walks his path of Fa-rectification openly and nobly"

I asked Teacher to help me deny the persecution by the old forces. During the health check at the labor camp, I lost consciousness, but I was back to normal afterwards. The diagnosis was that I suffered a serious infectious disease and even the doctors dared not be close to me. The labor camp dared not accept me, so they took me home.

Looking back over the past years and the ordeals I suffered, I fully understood that I survived because of Teacher's compassionate care. I am certain that Teacher suffers when practitioners suffer.