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Louisiana: Local TV Station Reports Falun Gong Car Tour (Photo)

May 30, 2006 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) On May 8, Lafayette's KLFY 10 reported the Car Tour by Falun Gong practitioners in the southeast U.S.. In a press conference held in front of Lafayette city hall, car tour members exposed the Chinese Communist regime's brutal persecution of Falun Gong.

KLFY 10 interviewed a Falun Gong press conference held in Lafayette

In a TV program, the cameraman highlighted practitioners' banner "Action Now! Stop the Chinese Communist Regime's Inhumane Slaughter of Falun Gong Practitioners! Stop the Chinese Communist Regime's Genocide against Falun Gong".

In the clip, a broadcaster explained: The rumor about the Chinese Communist regime harvesting and trafficking organs have been around for years. Today, in front of Lafayette city hall, a small group of people protested such atrocities of the Chinese Communist regime. Besides hoping to let more people know about the regime's atrocities of harvesting organs, organizers said that one of their goals were to establish an international committee to investigate the Chinese Communist regime's organ harvesting and trafficking. [Editor's note: a committee to investigate such crimes has been established.]

Falun Gong practitioner Edward told the TV station: I hope that Lafeyette civilians will learn about the ongoing severe crimes in China as this is also related to interest of many Americans."

The TV report concluded with a giant poster hoisted by practitioners. Text in the poster read: "Shout to stop the organ harvesting." The poster has a photo of Dr. Wenyi Wang's appeal at the White House. In addition, the poster also had photos of two witnesses of Sujiatun concentration camp: Annie and Peter, and a photo of practitioner Wang Bin who was persecuted to death by the regime. The broadcast concluded: Members of the team want to help the victims who are facing arbitrary organ harvesting.