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Ten Falun Dafa Practitioners From Yichun City and Tieli City, Heilongjiang Province Illegally Sentenced and Imprisoned

May 28, 2006 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) At the end of September, 2005, the authorities in Tieli City illegally arrested ten practitioners, who later were sentenced to imprisonment by the Tieli City Middle Court. The ten practitioners are: Mr. Zhou Shuhai, Mr. Liu Hongtu, Mr. Zhou Shuzhang, Ms. Lu Mei, Mr. Sun Yuemin, Mr. Liang Bin, Mr. Cheng Peifeng, Ms. Tong Yuxia, Ms. Sun Yuqiu, and Mr. Zhu Hui.

According to a confirmed, reliable source, the authorities of Tieli City want to transfer the ten practitioners to another facility, and the practitioners have had blood drawn for blood typing tests.

Due to the many publicly exposed cases of organ harvesting from living Falun Gong practitioners currently held in concentration camps by the Chinese Communist Party, this has caused many conscientious people to worry for the ten practitioners.

Therefore, we are calling on every available practitioner to send forth righteous thoughts in order to disintegrate all of the evil factors currently persecuting Falun Dafa practitioners, eliminate all of the Communist Party evil spirits in other dimensions, completely oppose all the old forces arrangements and aid the immediate and unconditional release of the ten arrested practitioners.

Mr. Zhou Shuhai was a staff member from the Policy Research Section of the Yichun City Government. He was arrested on October 29, 2005, and later sentenced to five-and-a-half years of imprisonment.

Mr. Liu Hongtu is a 37-year-old from the Donggang Community, of Tieli County, Tieli City. He was arrested on September 26, 2005, and sentenced to five years of imprisonment.

Mr. Zhou Shuzhang is 41 years old. He was arrested on October 29, 2005, and sentenced to four-and-a-half years of imprisonment.

Ms. Lu Mei was 43 years old. She was arrested on September 28, 2005, and sentenced to three and a half years of imprisonment.

Mr. Sun Yuemin is a 30-year-old. He was arrested in October, 2005, and sentenced to three-and-a-half years of imprisonment.

Mr. Liang Bin, 35, was arrested on September 29, 2005, and sentenced to two-and-a-half years of imprisonment.

Mr. Cheng Peifeng, 41, was arrested on October 14, 2005, and sentenced to two years' imprisonment.

Ms. Tong Yuxia, 40, was arrested on September 28, 2005 and sentenced to two years' imprisonment.

Ms. Sun Yuqiu, 42, was illegally arrested on September 30, 2005.

Mr. Zhu Hui, 31, was arrested on September 30, 2005 and sentenced to a year-and-a-half in prison.
Following are the phone numbers of the related personnel and departments:
Chief office of the Tieli City Court: 86-458-2286282031
Deputy chief office: 86-458-2283275; 86-458-2289100; 86-458-2289217
Political Work Court: 86-458- 2283148
Administrative Courtyard: 86-458-2289272
Register Court: 86-458- 2289270
Civil Court: 86-458- 2284106
Hearing and Detaining Court: 86-458-2289271
Criminal Court: 86-458-2283043
Executive Court: 86-458-2289273
Chief of the Tieli City Court, Li Tieshan: 86-13945899666 (Cell)
Head of the Tieli City Court, Yi Weiguang: 86-13904581702 (Cell)

Tieli City Detention Center:
Chief of the Tieli City No. 1 Detention Center: 86-458-2287740
Duty Office: 86-458-2283052

Chief of the No. 2 Detention Center: 86-458-2282564
Duty Office: 86-458-2282202

Tieli City 610 Office: 86-458-2293610

Telephone numbers for the Tieli City Procuratorate:
Chief Prosecutor: 86-458-2282098
Deputy Prosecutor: 86-458-2283414, 86-458-2284647, 86-458-2285108
Official from the Tieli City Procuratorate, Na Yong
Tieli City Procuratorate' Office: 86-458-2289305
Director of the Section for Issuing Arrest Orders: 86-458-2289157

Tieli City Police Station:
Telephone Operator's Office: 86-458-2282610, 86-458-2282611
Secretaries' Sections: 86-458-2283150
Legal Section: 86-458-2288748
Examination Section of Certified Medical Experts: 86-458-2285877
Duty Office of the Xicheng Local Police Station in Tieli City: 86-458-2283186