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Sharing My Experience with Practitioners Who Work on Fine Art and Design

May 24, 2006 |   By Yujie

(Clearwisdom.net) I am a practitioner in the field of practical art design. I have suffered many tribulations on a detour arranged by the old forces because I did not study the Fa well. I have reflected deeply on my past actions because I want to return to the right path of validating the Fa that Teacher granted me. I have written my experience to share with you. Let's encourage each other. If you find any shortcomings, please correct them with compassion.

Before I learned the Fa, I treasured the ideas of individuality and advancement in the artistic styles of modern society. I steadily pursued and developed things of demon-nature to glorify myself and my own individuality. I liked having long hair and wearing black clothes in the hippie style. I liked looking down on the world, being slovenly, caring only for myself, viewing everything vulgarly, pursuing a different path, being indifferent to other people, and feeling satisfied with myself. I viewed my art work as unique from others and I was proud of it.

After practicing Falun Dafa, I found that the individuality I was so proud of and had pursued at all costs was actually far from the characteristic of the universe: "Truthfulness, Compassion, Tolerance." Everything I treasured became a big obstacle in doing Fa-rectification cultivation. The degenerated notions in this kind of modern art make me feel deeply the arduous difficulties of cultivation. Since I have these kinds of degenerated notions and thought karma, images like ghost shapes often appear in my mind. They have used this method to scare and interfere with me. They even swear at me, Teacher, and Falun Dafa. It is extremely painful to me. What I can do is resist and eliminate them.

During my recent years of cultivation, I have gradually realized through Fa study that it is crucial to validate the Fa through my life and work. Which cultivation characteristic and/or requirement is ours? How to cultivate myself well and validate the Fa in practical work is the path of Fa-rectification cultivation that I want to take as an artist. My state of cultivation will directly manifest in the art works and merchandise that I design. It will also have an influence on developments in the art industry. Not only do I have to be responsible for sentient beings in my corresponding universe but also for all righteous elements in the art industry. All of the techniques, skills, materials, and ideas I use in my work must be assimilated into and corrected by the Fa. This is what I should do and must do in the process of guarding the Fa.

Some people lock themselves in their work rooms for long periods of time to create art work and rarely have contact with the outside world. They have developed this habit. However, this way of working is disadvantageous for clarifying the truth and saving sentient beings during Fa rectification today. If you are overly attached to it, you might possibly leave a loophole for the old forces to take advantage of and strengthen the attachment. This is disadvantageous to saving sentient beings and would prevent a practitioner from communicating and sharing with other practitioners. That would affect validating the Fa and upgrading your levels.

A practitioner doing art design work worries that a product design that doesn't meet "modern-day people's tastes" will not be welcomed. It would then be ineffective. But I think that a product designed with a pure mind not only conforms to the requirements of the Fa, but also assimilates into the Fa. The product itself is a new "being," which is good and righteous. How can it not be welcomed? Whoever buys it would benefit from it. For example, overseas practitioners organized art exhibitions to expose the persecution. Each of the paintings in the exhibition was created by a practitioner, carries gong, and was created for validating the Fa. The power in the paintings can inspire people's benevolent thoughts and eliminate any negative influences when they look at them. That, by itself, has mighty power to save sentient beings.

A few years ago, I designed a work of art in a plain, natural style. It has now been imitated and used as a reference for many manufacturers. Before I practiced cultivation I was afraid that others would copy my design work. I was thinking all the time about how to prevent my ideas from being copied and how to emphasize their "pattern rights" (patent). In fact, the thought of making profits got me into trouble. Now, on the contrary, I hope my designs bring other people happiness and serve as a model for others. Just as another practitioner said, "How wonderful if they imitate our art works. It is beneficial for them to learn good righteous things. If all products sold on the streets are all good things, then it will be very good for mankind?" On the contrary, if all things sold on the streets are ugly, horrible, frightening, dirty goods and products, how fearful is it? Just like toy feces and ugly evil ghost masks, they are harmful to people. In particular, pornographic paintings and photos are deeply poisoning the youth of the next generation.

The nature of our jobs as designers and artists puts us at the front of the fashion industry. Our art works and products directly affect the trends of the artistic community and human life. They have inestimable influence on mankind's aesthetic orientation and concepts of value. The behavior of a practitioner has a profound significance, no matter from which angle you look at it. Our walking a righteous path has great benefits for all sentient beings. Please correct my shortcomings. Thank you.