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The Happiest Days When I Listened to Master's Lectures

May 23, 2006 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Every time I read fellow practitioners' short recollections of the early days of Master's spreading the Fa in China, I am always excited and can't help crying. It also brings me back to those happiest of days when I listened to Master's lectures and was with Master. Because I was not diligent in cultivation and was ashamed to face Master and Dafa, I dared not write down my experiences. Today, when we are celebrating Master's birthday and the past fourteen years of Dafa's dissemination around the world, I finally have the encouragement to write down my stories and share with everyone the happiest times, which I will remember forever.

In 1993, I came to a practice site to learn the Falun Dafa exercises. A family member who was already practicing Dafa had introduced me to the system. The five sets of exercises were easy to learn, and I learned them quickly. The practitioners at the site were all kind and affable, making me feel comfortable.

The days when Master would give lectures finally came after my long wait. On July 25, 1993, Master held the 11th session of lectures in Beijing at the Police University auditorium. Before class I stared at the platform with a longing heart. Class began; Master stepped onto the platform from the background on time. All of a sudden, Master's tall and noble figure was deeply impressed on my memory. In the following ten days' lectures, Master explained the profound and broad Dafa in a simple way. Master's humorous words deeply attracted me. It seemed to be a clear spring that flowed to the bottom of my heart, cleaning up the dirt in my soul and bathing my heart. It also seemed to be a bright lamp lighting the way before me. All this made me feel extremely excited. Right at that time, I firmly believed that Master is a great Buddha, and that this was an unprecedented event that can never be repeated, that Master came out to spread the Fa and teach the exercises.

When teaching the exercises, sometimes Master demonstrated the movements on the platform; sometime he walked over to students and corrected their movements. Although I was learning the exercises, my eyes were moving with Master at all times, from the balcony to downstairs. When Master once corrected a student's movements on the balcony, I was far from Master. However, Master turned his head and looked at me, then continued to teach the student the exercises. The only thought I had then was that it was a miracle; Master knew everyone's thoughts!

During the session, I obtained the book, China Falun Gong. My biggest wish was to ask for Master's autograph. But Master had just mentioned in his lecture that he wouldn't give autographs, the reason being not to encourage students' attachments. I was extremely attached to Master's autograph at that time and had only one thought: how precious Master's autograph would be! I thus audaciously wanted to ask for Master's autograph. After class I went to the back entrance and waited for Master. Master was late for something that day, and I just kept waiting there excitedly. Finally Master came out. My heart suddenly rose to my throat, so excited as if it would jump out. Master walked over slowly. When Master was still in the distance, I knew in the dark that Master was looking at me. The thick tree leaves blocked the light of the street lamps. When Master heard my request he didn't say anything, took out his pen and gave me his autograph in the dark.

I only said, "Thank you," and didn't say one more word. I was afraid that I couldn't control my excitement if I said more. Seeing Master and his daughter entering the car, looking at the leaving car, I couldn't help crying. Master awakened my Buddha nature and made me find my life's home. I already had no regrets. I became one of the happiest persons! Looking at Master's autograph I said to myself, "It's true. No matter what I come across later, I shouldn't doubt. I will always remember this precious time today."

In the later difficulties and hardships, I never had any doubt or shakiness on Dafa. This steadfast belief originated from the first moment I saw Master. Master soon held the 12th session of Fa lectures following the previous one. I had just started to work, and the class site was far from my place of employment. I needed to have asked for leave earlier. I was afraid that the supervisor wouldn't consent, so I regretted that I didn't attend that class. Later on I realized that such an opportunity was so hard to come by, and I shouldn't miss it again. I then started to long for the 13th session. For that session, the class was held in the Fengtai Erqi Vehicles Factory auditorium. It was even further from my work unit. I asked for leave and went early to the class every day. During this class, my celestial eye allowed me to see the rainbow-like light Master emitted.

When each session was near a close, Master would ask students to hand a personal experience-sharing article to him. When Master took my article he looked at me and said, "Good," three times. That's the only experience sharing paper I handed in to Master. In other later classes I didn't write any more. There were not many students in that class. I hadn't expected that it would be the last session Master held in Beijing.

Soon it was the end of the year. Master took some disciples to participate in the State Health Exposition at the International Exhibition Center and gave health consulting for people. After I heard that information, I went to the Expo every day in my free time, in the hopes that I could help with something, and took the opportunity to get in touch with Master more closely. The following stories are what I personally experienced.

Because of the miracles Master and his disciples created in the 1992 Expo, and because Master's Dafa was being disseminated widely everywhere in the nation, the organizing committee was afraid that Falun Gong's participation would influence other qigong masters and specifically assigned us to Table No. 1, the most remote location at the event. Nevertheless, as soon as the gate was open, people all of a sudden surrounded our table and it became inaccessible. The staff members were kept busy all the time. The disciples whom Master had specially empowered to cure illnesses for people were even busier and had no time to drink water. I saw that their mouths were so dry that their lips were chapped and peeling. They had to take turns to eat lunch.

Master went there every day, but he didn't treat everybody. I still witnessed three of Master's miracles. An old man who suffered from cancer and was skin and bones came to see Master. Master only did a few things and cured him. The old man was so excited that he wanted to pick up Master. But he was too weak to do so. Master only smiled while he tried.

A mother from other place took her daughter to the Expo for treatment. The girl was only four or five years old and seemed to be pressed by a heavy thing and couldn't stand in balance. During the course of Master treating her, the girl suddenly knelt down. Master quickly supported the girl and whisked dirt off the girl. I saw that Master said something very softly and purified the girl's body with his hands. At the same time Master purified her mother. The mother was too excited to say anything. The surrounding people applauded warmly. We heard later that something behind the girl interfered with her and Master treated it. Such miracles happened every day.

The volunteer director at the instruction center in Guizhou Province and a practitioner also came from a distance to attend the Expo. When they were leaving, Master accompanied them to the entrance to see them off. They said goodbye to Master with eyes full of tears. Master watched them until they were far away.

Master was busy all the time at the Expo. He either treated people or gave them his autograph. The line waiting for Master's autograph was very long. A person who watched from the sidelines saw that Master was extremely busy. He opened a bottle of Sprite and asked Master to drink. Master declined. The person continued to ask. Master took the Sprite and held the bottle for a moment and handed it back to him. The person was stupefied for a moment and soon said continuously, "Thanks!"

The first day of the Expo I went there together with my mother. My mother told Master that I directly went there after working the night shift. Master touched my head with a smile and said, "Your age is the right time for cultivation." I felt so lucky that I became Master's disciple when Dafa was spreading around the world. I felt so happy.

The organizing committee arranged for each qigong master to give a public lecture. Because of the audience's strong requests, the committee had to ask Master to give two more lectures. The site for all three lectures was completely packed. The lecture was given in another exhibition hall. Each time, Master would wear the hood of his winter coat so that practitioners there wouldn't recognize him. Master usually didn't wear a head covering.

A veteran practitioner and I once waited for Master at the entrance. I could actually go into the hall from the back door with Master. Since I already bought the ticket, I said I would like to go into the hall from the front entrance. Master turned his head and gave his approval. After I went in, I waited for a while, when I saw Master and the veteran practitioner coming in. It was so strange! Master should have entered before me. Later, the practitioner told me that at the time when I said to Master I wanted to enter from the front entrance the practitioner also turned his head and had a look at me. When he turned his head back he couldn't find Master. He was dumbfounded and stayed in the same place. Master was worried about him and appeared again in front of him, so the practitioner could enter the hall with Master.

When the lecture was over, I hurried out from the front door thinking of going with Master to the Expo table. I waited at the entrance until all people came out. I couldn't find Master. I had to go to the exhibition site by myself. Master had already been there for a while.

There is still another thing I remember clearly. At noon, Master was having lunch on the upper level. The exhibition site had two levels. The first level was for the exhibition. The second level was a platform on which they put several chairs for staff members to rest. The food was prepared by a local practitioner and sent there in a thermos box. The food was very simple. A practitioner did something inappropriate, and another practitioner was complaining about him. Master said, "What's so important? You wouldn't stop." I was right there beside them. I witnessed Master's benevolence and open heart.

On the last day of the Expo, the organizing committee made a summary speech and awarded each qigong master prizes. Master was awarded the gold prize, "Alternative Science Progress Award" and "Most Popular Qigong Master." Master received the most and highest awards of anyone at the Expo. Master would normally only accept the awards and then left. Master was not like other masters who excitedly rushed to the front to receive the prizes and take pictures and show off.

After the Expo was over, not minding the hardships, Master then held the first class in Tianjin in 1994. In March, Master held the second class in Tianjin. The two sessions were completely full. We practitioners from Beijing also rented cars to drive to Tianjin to attend the class every day. On the first day of the class, since we were not familiar with the road, we took the busiest road. We were over an hour late the first day. There were so many new practitioners in the car who hadn't attended any classes before. I was very worried at the time. I almost rushed into the class. When Master saw that we had arrived, he then changed the topic and continued to give the lecture. Later, I got to know that Master knew that we were interfered with. He slowed down and explained the Fa by giving examples one after another while eliminated the interference for us. When we entered the class Master started talking about "Qigong is Prehistoric Culture." For the rest of the time, Master efficiently gave the first lecture and then taught the exercises. Our benevolent Master was waiting for us. Master wouldn't lose a single disciple. Missing one word would be an eternal regret for us.

It was about the third or fourth day after the lecture part was over; Master and his disciples traveling with him were moving the tables and preparing to teach the exercises. Master had a look at me. On that day we were taught the second set of exercises, "Falun Standing Exercise." When we were doing the "Holding the Falun Before the Forehead," Master came down from the platform from the left side. He corrected the practitioners' movements. Then Master walked toward me in the first row on the right side. Then the command, "Holding the Falun Before the Stomach" was sent out. Master stood before me; he didn't say anything and didn't correct my movements either. He only stood for a while quietly. I held the gesture and dared not look up to Master. When I did the "Turning the Falun Four Times," I sensed that I got something in my hand, like wearing a ring. Even now I still don't understand what Master had done for me then. However, I thought the day when I could find the answer wouldn't be too far off.

During the class session, practitioners always wanted to take every opportunity to take group pictures with Master. One time, on the backstage, a practitioner asked to take a picture of Master with him and said, "Only one picture." Master agreed. After taking one picture the practitioner said immediately, "Take another one." However, the shutter didn't sound right and the flash didn't flash. Master said with a smile, "Only one picture is allowed."

Sometimes before Master entered the classroom, practitioners waiting at the entrance wanted to take group photos. Master always agreed. There were so many people who wanted to take group photos. Sometimes it was even worse. One practitioner pulled on Master's left arm, and at the same time, another practitioner pulled on Master's right arm. Everybody wanted to take picture of Master and himself earlier; even so, Master still kept nodding and agreed without any sign of annoyance. Even on cold winter evenings, Master also patiently accommodated the practitioners. The practitioner who was responsible for taking pictures said, "It was so dark at night. The light was very weak. It was completely dark through the lens and I couldn't see anything. Only Master was bright."

In everyday life Master was always neat. His clothes and shoes were not high quality; they were conventional in style and materials. But when Master put them on they just fit so well. I also noticed that no matter how cold it was, Master never wore a hat, scarf, or gloves.

When I wrote this reminiscence, the scenes of me being with Master all appeared before my eyes, one by one. Although it was more than ten years ago, everything was so clear, as if it happened yesterday. When I recall Master's benevolence I am so excited. Master's every word, every deed, and every movement all showed the extreme grace and compassion of an enlightened being. However, Master is also so cordial and affable.

Although practitioner in China cannot see Master now, true practitioners can always experience that Master is just beside us, protecting us. At this time, when Master has disseminated Dafa for fourteen years, and this being the last period of Fa-rectification, let's advance diligently together and forever act and think according to Master's words without any hesitation. Let's together salute the day when we will meet our great Master!

If anything is not appropriate, please be merciful and point it out.