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Australia: MP Michael Danby Questions Minister of Foreign Affairs Regarding Organ Harvest from Living People in China

May 20, 2006 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Hon. Danby Questions, Member of Australian Parliament, recently questioned the Minister of Foreign Affairs regarding organ harvest from living people in China. Below are the questions.

MP Michael Danby

(1) Has he seen the report by Dr Shizong Chen, a former political prisoner in China now resident in Sweden, about the Sujiatun prison camp in Liaoning Province which Dr Chen described as "as infamous as Auschwitz and Dachau" and where he alleged more than 6,000 political and religious dissidents have been killed and their body parts harvested, in some cases (such as the removal of corneas), while the victims were still alive.

(2) What information does he have about the Chinese practice of harvesting organs from executed people or from people sentenced to labour camps and what steps has he taken to inform himself about this issue.

(3) Has this issue been raised at the Australia-China Human Rights Dialogue; if not, will he do so at the next meeting.

(4) Has he taken other steps to raise this issue with the Chinese authorities; if so, what are the details; if not, will he do so.

(5) Can he give an assurance that, in the event of a free trade agreement being concluded between Australia and the People's Republic of China, there will be no possibility that organs harvested by the Chinese authorities from executed persons or political prisoners will be imported into Australia.