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Integrity and Sense of Justice Are Most Important

May 15, 2006 |  

(Clearwisdom.net) Song Jing of the Tang Dynasty lived in Xingzhou Nanhe (now Xingtai City, Nanhe County.) He was a famous prime minister of Emperor Xuanzong. He was upright and honest, and upheld the law and justice.

A treacherous court official Zhang Yizhi wanted to frame Wei Yuanzhong, so he bribed Zhang Shuo to say that Wei Yuanzhong had made some remarks not conforming to Wei's official status.

When the court time came, Zhang Shuo was extremely worried. Song Jing told him, "For a person, his integrity and sense of justice are most important. You should not bring a false charge against a good person to save yourself. If you should have any mishaps, I certainly will arrive in front of the emperor to rescue you, and I would die with you."

Zhang Shuo was touched by Song Jing's words and told the truth. Thus, Wei Yuanzhong was saved from execution.

Later Song Jing was promoted to the Duke of Guangping and a high office. He enjoyed longevity and eventually died of old age.

April 12, 2006